[VIDEO] How did it happen?

Listen to this song in Hebrew which asks, Where was God in the Holocaust? Is there hope?

Music and lyrics by Eitan Kashtan.

Lyrics in English:

How did it happen?

In dark days, days without rest,
An extremely cruel enemy attacked Your people.
The world observed; apathetic and complacent
Indifferent to the sight of our bitter fate.

A freight train loaded with people,
Were led to their deaths. Without reason… Without explanation…
Taken like animals, walking like sheep…
For a moment it seemed that no one would be left…

How did it happen, my dear Lord? How did it happen? X2

Why did you allow it? Why were you silent?
There are more question marks than exclamation marks.
But we have not forgotten Your promise:
You will never, never forsake Your people.


From the middle of the curse, from the valley of death,
The light emerged, the light of hope.
We remember you saying, “Death has been swallowed up.”
Forever Israel will inherit love!

A burning flame that seared and destroyed
Gave way to a torch of hope.
From among the horror that almost destructed,
The survivors went out to establish a State.

How did it happen, my dear Lord? How did it happen? X2

In the heat of the fire, I didn’t hear Your voice.
Even if You were silent, You are the redeemer.
With tearful eyes, I had doubts.
I thought You abandoned the people of Israel

Indeed, You were there. You were present. You were active.
Otherwise, none of us would have survived.
Our enemy was defeated, just as You said.
And to us, You were as a father is to His sons.

Yes, It did happen, my dear Lord! Yes, it did happen! X2

Of course, You have been present. Of course, You were not silent.
You are the Prince of Peace. You are love.
Forever You will fulfill Your promise.
Israel is destined to be blessed forever!