[VIDEO] How Did This Happen? A Song Of Hope As We Remember The Darkness Of The Holocaust

Where was God in the Holocaust?
During all my years as a follower of Yeshua I was asked countless times this disturbing question: Where was God during the Holocaust? I know that God is the God of Israel, that he is loving, and all-powerful, so I had a hard time answering this question even for myself, let alone for others. How did it happen? Dear God, how did this happen?!
Why did God allow the terrible holocaust to happen? Why did he remain silent when millions of his beloved people marched to the extermination camps like sheep to the slaughter? Honestly I admit – I don’t know!
But that was not the end of the story. From a human point of view my dear people, God’s beloved people, had no chance to survive and certainly not to get out of the terrible horror and establish a modern and prosperous country. Yes, it happened! Yes, it happened!
It’s true, I don’t have a satisfactory answer to the question “How did it happen?”, or “Why did it happen?”, but I know that God did not forget his people and did not leave them alone! He was present there and ultimately redeemed his people from the terrible hell, gathered his sons and led them, us, to establish the beloved State of Israel.
Why did this happen?, I don’t know. I know very well why this happened – Israel is destined to be blessed forever!