VIDEO: “I heard Israelis are the Satan but I see that you’re angels”

I am in Guatemala City, in Latin America, and I was amazed to see what these Israelis are doing here. They are helping poor neighborhoods, play and educate children out of love. May the friendship between Israel and Latin America continue to grow closer and closer. Let’s share this truth!


I am more than 12,000 kilometres away from Israel. I am in Guatemala. And what do I find here?

Israeli veterans helping poor neighbourhoods in Latin America. They are called “Heroes for Life”, an Israeli humanitarian group that goes to developing countries and helps free of charge simply out of love.

“After finishing my military service I started studying. After a year, I decided I want to do something meaningful to the world so I decided to join this amazing group of people and fly to the other side of the world.”

“Every delegation of ‘Heroes for Life’ is named after a fallen IDF soldier. Our delegation is named after Matan Gotlib that fell during Protective Edge Operation.”

Maybe you heard on the media that Israelis are monsters and that Zionists are awful human beings. But well, you are looking at Israelis, at Zionists, who just finished their military service and came to developing countries to help people that can’t even pay them back.

You can find these groups also in Mexico, Peru, Nepal, Argentina, Brazil, Uganda, Ethiopia and many more countries.

The Jewish people are a blessing to the nations. And you don’t need to believe me. All you have to do is see for yourself.