[VIDEO] Immanuel | Worship from Israel

Immanuel – a song by King of Kings Worship sung by Birgitta Veksler at TBN Israel.


Be’eretz Tzia ayef u’bli mayim
tevel u’mloa mebita la’shamayim

Va’anachnu kan, bi’chmiha le’goalenu
Sh’be’vo ha’zman yitgale be’kirbenu

U’bi’smho yikra kol am
Kol lashon, kol uma

Lichvodo ha’kol nivra, ha’kol nihia, ha’kol nihia
Hu Yavo
Hu yavo ve’yoshia, yavo ve’yerape, Immanuel Immanuel

In a dry land, tired and without water
The earth is crying out to heavens

We are here, awaiting our savior
That will be revealed at the the appointed time amongst us

In His name
All people come
All nations bow
And tongues confess

Through His word all was made
light came down
All for love
He will come

He will come and He’ll save us, He’ll come and He’ll heal us
Emmanuel, Emmanuel