[VIDEO] Imshe Nafshi | Yaron Yerahmiel Cherniak (Hebrew worship song)

Imshe Nafshi, withdraw my soul, inspired by a psalm of David written during his years persecuted by king Saul. 3000 years later we return to the same caves to sing his psalms again.


Who, from stormy sea,

Shall draw my soul up from the deep?

And Whose Spirit my spirit formed?

Who shall turn my prayers

Into a well-watered garden, a fruitful field?

And Who the seeds of faith has enriched?

Who, with the dawn, shall wake me

As morning stars sing joyfully?

And who has enveloped me in the veil of His light?

Who, with dew, shall water

my mouth, parched with praying?

And whose word shall satisfy my soul?