[VIDEO] Interview with Messianic IDF Soldier that served in Gaza

HEBREW video with ENGLISH translations.

Dorian Kim is a young Korean that grew up in Israel and speaks fluent Hebrew. He interviews his childhood friend, Evan, a Gaza war veteran. It’s a personal story but based on truth without distortion.

At the 6:05 mark of the seven minute video, Dorian asks Evan:

Dorian: Is there anything you really want the Koreans, and not only the Koreans, but also people from the world to know about the IDF? What things would you like to say in this minute that you have?

Evan: OK, I’d like to say there are many details below the surface that are not published in the newspaper, the media, and the internet. Israel is making tremendous efforts, and technological efforts as well, not to harm innocent people as much as possible. It’s true that there are cases when innocent people get killed, but they are not the target. The IDF does not attack without purpose. What happens is that there is some kind of attack, a stabbing attack or a missile fired at Israel. Then Israel will respond. She (Israel) should defend herself, right. Israel responds, and then that’s what the media reports: “The IDF attacked, the IDF killed”. Many times they don’t publish what was the reason for it.