VIDEO: Jesus is pro-life – Testimony of Lawrence Hirsch

Life doesn’t go the way we think but God uses it all in a very profound way.

When Sarah was born, she didn’t cry. The doctor told us that Sarah was born without a brain and would survive two or three days. We were shocked with this news but we knew we could not just walk away from Sarah. So we took her home the very next day. Sarah was very unwell. My wife prayed for Sarah to live and for a miracle to happen. I was angry with God for the first couple of years to try to understand ‘where was God?’.

I was asking God to take Sarah. I didn’t really want to go through a difficult time. God started to use Sarah in the most amazing way in our life. The doctor said Sarah would be a vegetable and would not smile. The first time she smiled, she smiled at me. She melted my heart. I repented of my thoughts for God to take her. Sarah today is 27 years old. Sarah’s lives have spoken to us and to others so much.

God works through difficult times in our lives in very powerful ways. He speaks to us louder through ors offerings than through our pleasures.

Hear from Lawrence Hirsch, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Celebrate Messiah Australia., as he shares his testimony.