[VIDEO] Joshua Aaron and Aaron Shust: None Like You – Jerusalem Encounter

Watch a live performance of “None Like You” by Joshua Aaron and Aaron Shust at the Jerusalem Encounter conference.

Let’s declare who God is together! There is power in His name and there is no one like our God. No matter what you are facing, be reminded that the One who calms the raging storms and walks upon the sea is watching over you!

“The One who calms the raging storm
The One who walks upon the sea
Earth and Heaven are Your own
Yet You’re watching over me
How majestic is Your Name
There is none like You
There is none like You
Together we proclaim
The power of Your Name
‘Cause there is none like You
Who can stand before Your throne
Your kingdom will forever reign (forever reign)
We will sing a song of praise
To the Ancient of Days”