[VIDEO] Kama Hesed (Overwhelming Grace) by Emuna Wendy and Maoz Israel Music

It’s hard to find an Israeli believer who hasn’t sung Emuna Wendy’s worship song ‘Kama Hesed’ (Overwhelming Grace) in their congregation. Emuna Wendy is an Israeli born Ethiopian background worship leader. The song took off so fast across the land of Israel few people even knew where it came from. ‘Kama Hesed’ has already been translated into other languages – and now finally, Emuna is releasing this debut song on all major platforms.

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Maoz Israel Music is a worship movement based in Jerusalem, the City of Worship. As Israelis whose families lived in exile for centuries, they bring to the table music styles from many cultures across the globe and blend them with local sounds. This collaborative community of artists have dedicated their lives to seeing an atmosphere of worship restored to the land of Israel and ultimately to the world.