[VIDEO] Kehila News Week Report – April 10-17 2020

This weeks top stories were the coronavirus, politics and polls, and a rare standoff with the Lebanese Army.

  • As of Friday, 148 people have died from the coronavirus in israel, with 12,855 confirmed cases.
  • The coronavirus has impacted various religious festivals in Israel during a time of year holy to all three major faiths in the country.
  • There is still no government agreement between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz.
  • The latest polls show that should Israel return to another election, Netanyahu Likud party would win 40 seats, while Gantz’s Blue and White would win just 19, and the right wing would win 64 seats overall, for an absolute majority.
  • The IDF and the Lebanese army had a rare standoff in northern Israel, which was broken up by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.