[VIDEO] Kol Berech Tichra – Every Knee Shall Bow


At this holiday of Purim and as we observe the war in the Ukraine, it is more important than ever to remember and declare that one day, EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW before the King of Kings, Yeshua! This is the declaration of our fourth release from our new album, Preparing a Place, an album of live Israeli worship from the Peniel Fellowship of Tiberias, Israesl.

Words and Lyrics to Kol Berech Tichra by Sue Orde. All rights reserved.

Subtitles available in English, Spanish, Russian, German and Chinese.
Lyric and chord sheets available at https://www.penielfellowshipisrael.com

Download and listen to the full album here: https://smarturl.it/ListenPrepareAPlace