[VIDEO] Latest update from Yehuda about the war in Gaza!

At first, the war in Israel shook the entire world. It didn’t even matter if people were for or against Israel: a wide variety of emotions surged within us all.

The war isn’t over yet, and yet the first shock has faded away. But We are grateful for the many friends of Israel, who continue to remember us, and keep Israel (and us) in their prayers.

I’m here to remind you that we are still living in an ongoing war, and the People of Israel is still very much in need of your prayers and support!

As you know, the State of Israel continues to be called to defend our homeland.

That’s why my platoon of paratroopers and I have been serving, in the reserves of the IDF, for over 4 months.

Yes, I am home for now, till they call us in, again. But many other soldiers are still in battle at the front lines!

We still have kidnapped civilians within the Gaza-strip for 150 days, which are nearly 5 whole months!

We are working to supply our soldiers with quality military equipment and 100% of your contributions will be used for them. We also encourage you to share this video & Facebook now with people who want to help our Israeli soldiers!

To support: https://netivyah.org/israel-is-at-war/