VIDEO: Leave it behind – Eli Haitov

Song in Hebrew with English subtitles. Lyrics below.

Vocals: Eli Haitov Production
Film: Sami Taknin

Follow me and I will show you a place
Follow me and you will suddenly understand
It might seem to you a little strange (now), but you don’t know
Everything hidden will be revealed in a short while

And to run, you have only to run
In the place where you are there are solutions to nothing
And to run, even if you have no strength
You will be searching every minute, every second for a lost love

A long way appears before you
And all the thoughts that follow you
The walls you built up broke down, the fears are gone
You have arrived at the place you wanted to reach
The doors opened

A special thank you to all the students from Kings School of Media to help produce this music video.