[VIDEO] Lift Up Your Head, Darling

Worship song by by Illit Ferguson and Maoz Israel Music (Lyrics)

Lift Up Your Head, Darling

On the cold floor was where you lay
Cracks and breaks from those who used you
can never be erased
And you’d been forgotten as the days stretched on
Your pieces blew in the wind
Tiny shards mistaken for dust
Seemed to be all that remained

But I say
Lift up your head darling
Don’t let it break you down
Cuz you’re more precious
than you could fathom
There are no words to describe my love
My love, my love, my love

Just hold on a little longer, watch me mend and make you stronger
You’re going to smile again
I’ll make you whole and line your scars with gold
As your new life begins, and your beauty is restored
You’ll remember who you are