[VIDEO] Light of the Nations, glory of Israel

Creating holidays to commemorate the work that God has done started with the calendar God gave Israel. But the creation of holidays continued whenever God saved or judged His people (Purim, Esther 9:20-22; Rosh haShanah, Nehemiah 8:2, 9-12; 9th of Av, Lamentations, Zechariah 7:3-5, and Taanit 4:6; and, of course, Hanukkah, I Maccabees 4:59 and II Maccabees 10:6-8).

Jesus also celebrated traditions and holidays that developed through time that weren’t in the original commands given to Israel on Mt. Sinai or in the prophets (such as the use of wine during Passover or the feast of Dedication, John 10:22). Feasting in celebration of God’s creative and redemptive work is not only a strong Jewish tradition, it is often commanded by God. The giving of gifts is not only seen with the Magi but also for Purim and Rosh haShanah. The use of hymns to remember or commemorate God’s great work can be seen as early as the book of Exodus and Psalms.