[VIDEO] Listen to the stories of Messianic Soldiers serving in the IDF

There are hundreds of Israeli soldiers who love Jesus serving in the IDF. But it’s not easy!

Serving in the IDF is extremely challenging – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. For those who believe in Jesus, they may find themselves the only believer on their base, isolated and struggling to stand strong in their faith. Peer pressure at this stage of life can be intense, coupled with the fact that they are surrounded by others living life with very different values and worldviews.

Israelis are required to serve in the army after high school, women for two years and men for three. It’s a critical time of life for many people as it’s the time people decide how they will live their life and which direction they will head in the future. It’s the time that identities are forged and destinies are set into motion.

ONE FOR ISRAEL’s Soldiers Ministry supports believers in the IDF.

We aim to help them to maintain their walk with God during their army service, and to share their faith with those around them, being a light and a witness to everyone they encounter.

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