[VIDEO] My Portion | Menat Khelki (Live) [Worship Session]

Worship at the Judean Desert, on the ruins of an abandoned Templar Castle on the way to Jerusalem. Messiah Yeshua must’ve passed through on His way to be crucified.
Time passes – treasures, pleasures, and worries, they all fade.
OUR FATHER / AVINU remains the same, Adonai is our portion forever, so our cup overflows!

“Lord, you alone are my portion & my cup; you make my lot secure.” Psalm‬ ‭16

Elohim we choose You! The world won’t satisfy us, we receive our portion from You – all of the good that You have for us! Hesed / grace new every morning.
Our sustainer, knowing exactly what we need, You deserve the glory! BECAUSE HE LIVES!