VIDEO: Now is Golden

A few years ago, I had almost stopped making music altogether. I was burnt out and in debt from running a record label and playing shows. One day I locked the door to my office-slash-record-shop and started a new job the next morning.

But over time, it was harder and harder to not make music. I felt the desire to do what I was passionate about. So I looked for ways to make music without burning myself out again.

One thing I decided to do was to write and record songs for people who were close to me. My favorite one of these songs was written for my sister’s 50th birthday. It’s called “(Now is) Golden”. I wrote it originally on a nylon-stringed guitar, and used a slightly alternate tuning.

And here are the lyrics:

(Now is) Golden

When you’re gone, well you really are gone
It’s the way it goes, the way it goes

When you’re here, well you really are here
It’s the way it shows, the way it shows

Right now…

Nothing better than now

As you say, it will be as you say
It’s the way it is, the way it is

As you walk keep your eyes on the clock
It’s a way to live the way to live

Right now…

Nothing better than now

For now is golden
The gold you’re holdin

Now is precious
And you can’t touch this

Now is special
A raw essential

Now is you
Now is you

As you go with the things that you know
Just be sure to breathe and to believe

And its hard and you get a reward
You who gives you who receives

Right now…

Nothing better than now

For now is golden
The gold you’re holdin

Now is wisdom
To rule a kingdom

Now is potent
Face your opponent

Now is real
Now is true
Now is hard
Now is you
Now is pain
Now is fire

Now is golden
A blaze emboldened

Now is you

I recently went over all the songs I recorded over the years, and I picked out my three favorite ones. Get them for free by signing up here.