[VIDEO] Online Sukkot 2020 Events at the Aliyah Return Center

This October, the Aliyah Return Center is inviting you to commemorate Sukkot with us right here in the Jordan Valley!

At the Aliyah Return Center, the Banquet of Tabernacles is very important to us – not only are we remembering our forefathers during the Exodus as well as giving thanks to God for the houses that we have in this land, but we likewise get to commemorate the homes we are able to provide the brand-new immigrants below in the Galilee also.

To do this, we are uniting here in the Jordan Valley for a memorable day with people from all over the world!

KEEP IN MIND: We understand that the COVID scenario is making it tough to intend ahead of time, so this occasion registration is free for you to register if you want coming, no deposit necessary – we just wish to get a feeling for how many can come and will send out more information as we have the ability to have more information.

Sukkah Decoration/Open Door Days: Oct 4-8

Come embellish your sukkah, join the discussion of the Aliyah Return Center, and also take a look at the Vertical Galilee House of Prayer at your own rate prior to occasion day.

Event Day: October 8
– Enjoy Sukkot 2020 Music
– Online Sukkot 2020 Presentations,
– Online Sukkot 2020 Performances
– Online Sukkot 2020 audio speakers from Israel and the countries
– Connecting with likeminded people
– Take time in the Upright Galilee House of Prayer
– Experience the Vision of Prayer Valley at the Jordan River

Even if you are unsure if you are able to participate in, sign up anyway so you can get updates as the COVID 19 scenarios development + have open door to our online event.

Wish to see you quickly!

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