VIDEO: Rejoice with Trumpet of Salvation to Israel


Trumpet of Salvation to Israel has been called to make known the long-awaited Jewish Messiah to His beloved people, Israel – to proclaim salvation and freedom in Yeshua.

We reach out to the Jew first – and to the Gentile- with the Gospel of grace. Through continuous conversations on the streets, through literature, television, through ‘Trumpet Radio’ and our film, “A New Spirit“, being screened in theaters around the country. Many and diverse are our methods, not omitting fellowship meetings around the week and the breaking of bread with whomever will come. We shall not rest until all Israel is saved!

I do not wish you to misunderstand the promise, ‘all Israel will be saved’. Yes they will, for God is faithful, but He uses all of us to accomplish His promises and His will. And He called us, Jew and Gentile, and you, to labor towards that goal.