[VIDEO] Rock of Israel – Israeli Worship 2021


Hebrew worship with English subtitles.

This video is part of a live concert produced by Fellowship Of Artists Records, featuring different Israeli Messianic Jewish worship leaders with their songs. Shot at the Judean Hills!


The Rock of Israel
If you kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand?
If you don’t revive us every day, nothing else will help us
We’re dependent on Your grace, always have been, always will be
Holding on by faith in Your word
Your love is complete, it doesn’t change
Your forgiveness is permanent, it will never change!
Your promises are always kept!
The Rock of Israel will never change!
The heavens and the earth will pass away with time,
But the Word of the Lord will stand forever
You have the authority to revive and to acquit us from judgement
We will rely on no one but you
And when the storms and waves come
We are sure they too will pass
With You we have died, with Your we rise
We have received Yeshua for eternity to come