VIDEO: Spirit of grace and favor

Asher speaks about the timing of Jerusalem becoming a stumbling stone for the nations being the same time the Spirit of grace and favor is poured out.

God will pour His Spirit on all people, particularly to the Jewish people.

Zechariah 12: Moreover, in that day I will make Jerusalem a massive stone for all the people. All who try to lift it will be cut to pieces. Nevertheless, all the nations of the earth will be gathered together against her.”

God said that He will make Jerusalem a stone of offense, something negative, to all the nations around the world. That’s kind of happening right now. Jerusalem is becoming a place of controversy  and dividing people up. But in the same passage , in verse 10, there is a very positive promise and I believe the two verses are connected.

Based on this Scripture, isn’t this prophesy about the the timing when Jerusalem becomes a stumbling block the same time God is pouring out His spirit of grace and supplication?