[VIDEO] The Epic Spiritual Battle in This World (Parts 3-5

Part 3: Expose the Dragon Spirit

Hello, this is Rick Ridings coming to you from Succat Hallel, Jerusalem. We are obviously at an epic global battle right now. It’s not just for America, the election integrity there, but there’s a battle going on worldwide. Many, many nations for righteousness, justice, truth, for life. It’s just a huge battle during these months of November and December. So we’re doing this series of videos to let you know some of how the Lord has led us to pray here in Jerusalem.

What other things He has highlighted to us during this whole COVID time, is that God was going to expose and deal with dragon spirits. And my wife will come in just a moment to share with you. But before she does, I wanna mention last week on 11/11, we were in Liberty Bell Park here in Jerusalem on a Zoom call with people, intercessors, inter-city pastors at Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, praying together.

Liberty Bell Replica Displays Blue Dragon

When we got there to the Liberty Bell replica here in Jerusalem, we noticed as you look through it one way it was like a blue dragon that is a sculpture that’s supposed to just be a fun thing for children to play on, but it actually is a dragon arising out of the ground. And it was like this dragon was trying to come toward the Liberty Bell to swallow up the Liberty.

So we felt this was such a confirmation of this being a key part of this battle that our God is arising to deal with the dragon spirits and the influence of those dragon spirits upon various governments and peoples. And I’m going to have my wife Patricia come and share with you now. Patricia, what the Lord showed her of how this ties in with this particular time when we’ve had lockdowns in so many nations.

Prophecy Fulfilled By Israeli Politics

[Patricia] In March of this year, we were praying in Succat Hallel about the Israeli elections and asking the Lord to deal with corruption in the Blue and White party. We proclaimed Isaiah 28 which says,

“This sin will become for you like I high wall cracked and bulging that collapses suddenly in an instant.”

Three days later on the first day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, Thursday, March 26, I was amazed to see this headline. “Netanyahu and Gantz said forming unity government Blue and White collapses.” The exact word that is used in Isaiah 28. Blue and White collapses, the high wall coming down.

Prayer For China Answered

So that was really amazing to us. And we know that our government is not perfect, but there was a victory. There was a step in the right direction. After that victory, I felt the Lord say to me to pray that China would become a sheep nation. Last year a precious intercessor from China came to live with us for three months. She wrote a beautiful song called “China Sheep Nation.”

Rick often says no nation is hopeless. So I began to pray for the corruption to be exposed in China and that the wall of corruption would fall and the Chinese people would be set free. At that time, we were hearing about the coronavirus which started in China and was spreading all over the earth. Then we heard more and more in the news about corruption being exposed in China.

Around that time I was reading the last two verses of Isaiah 26 which seemed to describe what we were beginning to live out during the first lockdown. It says,

“Come, my people enter into your rooms and close your doors behind you. Hide for a little while until indignation runs its course.”

Verse 21 says,

“For behold, the Lord is about to come out from his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity. And the earth will reveal her bloodshed and will no longer cover her slain.”

God Going Against Dragon Spirit

So we thank the Lord and we thanked Him then, we thank You now, Lord, that You are revealing the sin of abortion and the bloodshed that has brought a curse upon our lands. At that time, I kept reading into the next chapter, Isaiah 27:1 says,

“In that day the Lord will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent with his fierce and great and mighty sword, even Leviathan the twisted serpent, and he will kill the dragon that lives in the sea.”

Again, I was surprised to see that this verse immediately followed the verse that seemed to describe the lockdown and the revealing of bloodshed.

So Lord God, we thank You that You are dealing with this dragon, this fleeing dragon. I thank You Lord that though some translations say the fleeing dragon, and so we thank You Lord that this dragon is fleeing before us, Lord.

As we worship You, as we lock ourselves in our rooms and trust You and just worship, worship, worship. And Father, You are dealing with things that are too difficult for us. You are uncovering bloodshed, You are uncovering corruption. We thought we’d never would have dreamed that we would see this day, but You are doing a new thing in our time, in our day. And we thank you, Lord. We thank You Father that You are dealing with the dragon spirit right after the coronavirus had been released.

And I thank You that You want to uncover corruption all over the earth. And we pray first for China that You would come and deal with that dragon spirit, the antichrist spirit that would prevent Christians from fulfilling the great commission and the Back to Jerusalem movement. And we pray for every nation that is struggling under the influence of the dragon spirit. Deal with this spirit, Lord, in Your mighty power and set Your people free.

What a time we are living in. Our nations are so connected these days and we need to pray for believers all over the earth. Set all of us free in the all-powerful name of Yeshua HaMashiach, savior of the world. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

Part 4: Fight for the Unborn


ello, this is Rick Ridings coming to you from Succat Hallel in Jerusalem. We are obviously in an epic battle, not only for the election integrity in the United States, but worldwide, there is a major global battle going on for truth, for righteousness, for justice.

And we’re hoping in this series of short videos to share some of the ways God has led us to pray here in Jerusalem, that they may encourage you in some of the ways we can be praying at this time.

Pandemic Tied to the Killing of Innocents

At the beginning of the pandemic time worldwide, I was very touched by the fact that it was tied into innocent blood crying out from the ground. And I had a vision of the Temple Mount, which is here behind me in Jerusalem, and I saw the Lord on the throne above it. And before His throne I saw hundreds and perhaps thousands of little babies who had blood all over them.

Pandemic is Curse from God Brought By Abortion

And they were obviously babies who had been aborted and they were crying and their blood was crying out to Him. And His heart was deeply, deeply moved. And I felt the Lord was showing me that somehow during this season, it was like a legal door had been opened for this pandemic to take many lives, especially in the countries that have practiced abortion widely.

Now I know in many nations, I know in America, there’s been a very powerful move now of repentance confessing this state of abortion and in America’s sin in exporting abortion to the nations.

United States Abortion Laws Affecting Israel

They were a major influence here in Israel, in liberalizing abortion laws. And here in Israel, many leaders have gathered together, some of us down in the Ben Hinnom Valley, which is right below us here, which is the place where they offered babies and children to an evil God named Moloch. And we prayed down there and confessed this sin of abortion in Israel. I’m sure you have confessed it on behalf of your nation, if your nation is experiencing widespread abortion.

But I believe the battle that is going on in America right now is key to the whole world in reversing and in shifting, and in turning the tide on this epic battle for the unborn babies, to be able to live and fulfill their destiny upon the earth.

Now in 2015, I’m sorry 2016, my wife and I were in Washington, DC in January, actually President Trump was not declared as the nominee till five months later, we were praying in Washington, DC, then we felt the Lord wanted us to proclaim there in David’s Tent, some verses from Isaiah 28 that talk about God dropping a plumb line of righteousness and justice and of water overflowing refuges of lies and hiding places of lies and covenants with death being broken. And as we proclaimed that that day in Washington, DC, it started raining and raining.

Floods in Washington are Herald of Lies Being Washed Out

It rained all through the night and by the next morning in the headlines, it said flooding in Washington DC. And we knew that there was going to be a process of flooding that would expose lies that have enabled this culture of abortion to get to the point where recently now, they’ve decided, even in Massachusetts, a law was passed that says that even a baby that could live on its own, and if the abortion goes wrong, they can just leave that baby to die. This is clearly infanticide and it’s grieving the heart of God.

Amy Coney Barrett Will Fight For The Rights of the Unborn

But we praise God at the same time, for the new Supreme Court Justice of the United States, who is an advocate for life. We praise God that in this election, there were at least 13 women elected to the Congress of the United States who have a strong pro-life position. So we’re in this Epic battle. And this is a moment where there could be a major turning of the tide for the sake of the unborn.

Time To Pray Verses From Isaiah 28

So I would encourage you where you are to pray and proclaim these verses from Isaiah chapter 28. And we’re going to show you now a video from November of 2016, shortly after President Trump was elected, where I felt we were to proclaim there in Ben Hinnom Valley that God is dropping His plumb line of righteousness and justice. He’s going to expose and wash away with a flood of truth these lies that have upheld this culture of death, of killing the unborn, sacrificing the unborn on the alter of convenience, on the altar of Mammon, of Moloch. And so we take you now to this clip where we proclaimed this scripture in the Ben Hinnom Valley in Jerusalem.

Video From Ben Hinnom Valley

Hello, this is Rick Ridings, and I’m coming to you from the Ben Hinnom Valley in Jerusalem, which is just below our 24/7 worship and praise center, Succat Hallel. We have come here many, many times over the years to pray because of the strategic importance of this place. It was actually the place where the covenant people of God turned away from the word of God and committed abominations by offering children and babies in sacrifice to the idol Moloch.

So in one way, it’s like the worldwide route of abortion. And in this Valley, as we prayed over the years, we realized that the Bible had made it very clear that this Valley would be cursed because of the sin of the killing of innocents, of the shedding of innocent blood of these babies and children. In fact, the Bible said that, the prophet said that it would be a Valley filled with burning and ashes and dry bones.

Gehenna Linked to Jerusalem Trash Dump

In the New Testament Greek, it’s called Gehenna. And it was because there was a continual burning of trash, of rubbish down in this Valley. And so in this Valley I felt that we needed to proclaim something that seems to be shifting in America, and that could affect the nations concerning the whole topic of the sanctity of life.

And, as we looked at the American elections a year ago, I was speaking at a conference in Washington, DC, and we had the privilege of leading some worship and prayer at David’s Tent, a 24/7 worship and prayer tent at the base of the Washington monument. While we were there, I felt like the Lord wanted me to proclaim these particular scriptures that I will read from Isaiah chapter 28 from verse 15 on through verse 18. When I finished reading this, it actually talks about God dropping a plumb line and then about floods overflowing hiding places and exposing it and various things, and proclaiming a covenant with that.

American 2016 Election Marks Possible Shift in the Status of Abortions

When I finished reading that in Washington DC in January, there was suddenly a very heavy rainstorm, to the point where even the newspapers in Washington DC the next day, talked about all the flooding that came about because of that heavy rain storm. This was a sign of the Lord of a possible shifting in that nation. And then here in Jerusalem, before the American elections and the two Mondays before, we were led to proclaim this scripture again, and to actually drop a plumb line.

And I felt that the Lord, even though there was a great shift in this election and a president, a Senate and a Congress were brought into place, which according to even liberal media could see a major reversal of abortion and even perhaps Roe vs Wade in its fullness in America, I felt it’s important that we press on that. We keep on proclaiming the word of God concerning this, because what happens in America will affect the nations.

Liberalization of America Affects Entire World

Israel and other nations have been very influenced by America’s liberalization and legalization of abortion. And so I’d like to read and proclaim this scripture, Isaiah chapter 28, verse 15,

“Because you have said, we have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we are in agreement. When the overflowing scourge passes through, it will not come to us for we’ve made lies our refuge and under falsehood, we have hidden ourselves. Therefore thus says the Lord God, behold, I lay in Zion a stone for a foundation. A tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation. Whoever believes will not be disappointed. Also I will make justice the measuring line, and I will make righteousness the plummet, the hail will sweep away the refuge of lies and the hail will sweep away this refuge of lies and the waters will overflow your hiding place. Your covenant with death will be annulled. And your agreement with Sheol will not stand.”

Asking God to Continue to Correct America

So Father, today in this valley, covered by the precious blood of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach, we say again, oh Lord, would You continue to drop Your plumb line of righteousness and justice over America. Let there be a realignment to come in line with Your word concerning the sanctity of life, the sanctity of the unborn, the sanctity of little children that these lives would be preserved and innocent blood would not bring a curse upon the nation. And we pray that this will go out to the nations and have an influence on the nations, that there would be Your plumb line over all the nations.

A Call For The Reawakening of Righteousness

And that the nations would begin to awaken to righteousness and to justice. And that the fact that there is a God who will judge and that they would call out and ask forgiveness for innocent blood and that they would turn from their wicked way. And that they would begin to value life from the moment it is formed because they know you, the author of life. We pray this in the mighty name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach, amen.

Part 5: Hannukah and the USA Electoral College

Hello, this is Rick Ridings coming to you from Succat Hallel in Jerusalem. We’re living at a time of a very epic battle going on in November and December of 2020. And we’re doing this series of videos to let you know some of the ways we’re praying and encouraging you that you could join together, to grieve together with us, on these things. Now, in this particular video, I would like to stress that we are proclaiming that God rules over the times and the seasons.

Things operate according to God’s calendar, not man’s. And it’s interesting, in this particular season, as I understand it on Rosh Hashanah, which was when Justice Ginsburg died, and Yom Kippur was when Amy Coney Barrett, an advocate of life and of righteous just values, according to the constitution, was appointed as a Supreme Court Justice in the United States. The week after the elections, the what’s called the Haftarah reading in synagogues all over the world, was about Adonijah, a usurper who tried to steal Solomon’s throne, but who was exposed and thwarted.

Electoral Vote Takes Place on Hanukkah

But in this particular segment, I’d like to zero in on the fact that the Electoral College vote in America takes place on December 14th, which is during Hanukkah. Now, Hanukkah is a Jewish festival to celebrate a great freedom for right and a great freedom for truth that God gave to the Jewish people when the Syrian and Greek empire, which was centered out of Greece and which was promoting Greek pagan values, which really are the root of humanism, and the battle for humanism is such a part of this epic battle.

The secular humanism, which says; man determines his own destiny, man is the center of all things. It’s all about what man wants and it leads eventually to a cultural elite who say those who have the most understanding and are the most developed intellectually will make the decisions for everyone else because they are not able to do that. And we see this battle going on, and it’s interesting that on Hannukah, they deposed the Greeks, These pagan Greeks had imposed upon Israel that they could no longer study the Torah the word of God, the scriptures, the instruction.

They were limiting the freedom of religion. They were saying they could no longer honor the Sabbath and keep the Sabbath, because to them, this was very threatening. This whole idea of spirituality, even the concept of spirituality was very threatening in the human-centered world of the pagan Greeks. So they outlawed the word of God and its study. They outlawed certain kinds of religious assembling together. And then they outlawed circumcision.

Hellinistic Greek Humanistic Culture Reflection of Today’s Humanism

Now circumcision was a covenantal sign that God gave to Abraham and told the Jewish people that throughout all generations, they were to circumcise their baby boys. But to the Greeks, this implied that the human body was not perfect as it was, but was somehow to be changed. And they came against this in a very strong way.

So it was a very human-centered world, but finally they defiled the altar here in Jerusalem in the temple. They defiled it, they offered pig’s blood to defile that altar. And they worshiped a false God named Zeus, even though they worshiped man, then it led them into a spirituality that worshiped demonic powers.

And so we see this same kind of battle going on today. They were very powerful, they controlled the media, they controlled the government, they controlled everything. And a little band of people called the Maccabees, rose up against them. And long story short, miraculously, they overthrew this military power and they reconsecrated the Temple, but they needed a special kind of oil. The recipe of which is given in this scripture and they only had one day’s supply of that oil.

But the story is told that the oil for one day lasted eight days miraculously, while they prepared the new supply of oil. So it’s a picture of light. It’s a picture of truth. It’s a picture of religious freedom. It’s a picture of the freedom to honor and to obey God and to worship the creator rather than the creature. So I think the fact that the American Electoral College will meet during Hanukkah gives us hope to pray and here’s what we’re praying for – a Hanukkah miracle, that there will be a great miracle as there was on that first Hanukkah, where they overthrew a power that looked impossible to overthrow, but they were coming in behalf of truth.

Maccabees Fight for Religious Liberty

They were coming on behalf of the freedom to worship God. They were coming on behalf of holiness. That an altar in the Temple in Jerusalem would be set apart only for the worship of the one true and living God. Not multiple gods of multiple religions. And so it’s such a picture.

Prayer for United States Elections

So father, we pray from Jerusalem. We declare You are over the times and the seasons. We believe, Oh God, that You are able to overrule, and through a few, to change a wrong kind of control and domination from those who are powerful and elite and think they are to rule and they are to restrict freedom of religion, restrict freedom of conscience, that they are to promote the values of secular humanism, the worship of money, the worship of fame, the worship of sexuality, the worship of sports, the worship of the human body, all of these man-centered kinds of things that they’re trying to impose to be the religion of America and of the nations.We say Oh God, would You intervene in this epic battle as You did for the Maccabees? Let there be a miraculous turnaround, let there be a miraculous triumph of truth, of righteousness, of light, of justice, of freedom, of religion, freedom to follow You, freedom to obey You, freedom to honor You.

Prayer for Revival

And we pray that there would be a great awakening, a great spiritual awakening, just like the light in Jerusalem that miraculously shown and lasted. The oil lasted to give light, may Your light shine upon America and upon the nations during this time of November and December. And especially during the time of the Electoral College meeting on December 14th, may Your kingdom come, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In the name of Yeshua, the name above all names, the name of Jesus, the only name given under heaven by which man can be saved. We thank You, Lord, that we could freely proclaim You our Lord. Lord over America, Lord over our lives, Lord over the nations.

These videos and transcript originally appeared on Succat Hallel, December 9, 2020, and reposted with permission.

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