[VIDEO] The Epic Spiritual Battle in This World (Parts 1-2)

Part 1: Silencing the Accuser

Hello, this is Rick Ridings coming to you from Succat Hallel in Jerusalem. We’re obviously in an epic battle right now, not only for the election integrity in the United States, but globally. There is such a huge battle going on concerning righteousness, truth, justice, life.

All of these issues are majorly coming into major clashes. So we’re recording this series of short videos to let you know some of how we’re praying, and that you can pray along with us as the Lord leads you. One of the things God has highlighted to us is that we need to pray to break the spirit of accusation against leaders who are chosen by the Lord. Now, it’s very interesting, I’m not speaking only of America and President Trump.

I’ve seen very much the same thing in reports from intercessors and our firsthand visit in Bolivia with the president there, accusations that came forth that were absolute lies, and accusations coming against the president that God had raised up to see a spiritual shift in that nation. In Brazil, for the same kinda things. Guatemala, we’ve heard of the same kind of things.

And I’m sure it’s in many other nations that media is being used as an accuser of ones that God has appointed for a specific purpose. Now that doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

Cyrus Used by God – Not Perfect

King Cyrus in the Bible would not fit the criteria for the elder of a church, but God could sovereignly use him, even though he didn’t even really even acknowledge the Lord, God could use King Cyrus to fulfill His purposes for Israel, to bring the Jewish people back out of exile.

Samson, certainly another very imperfect leader, but as he repented in his jail cell, God was able to use Samson to tear apart the columns supporting a rooftop on which sat 3,000 Philistine government officials, a whole evil system that was stealing and killing and destroying through these Philistine leaders, was brought down through a very weak and imperfect man, but who repented, and then God gave him the strength to bring down that system.

Now, not long ago the Lord gave me a vision of what God wanted to do with these leaders that was based on Zachariah Chapter three, which I encourage you to read and to pray into after this video. But in this vision, I saw one of these leaders chosen to help bring forth God’s purposes in a nation at this time.

He had his head bowed, he was standing before the throne, and he was in gray, very filthy rags. And then Satan came as an accuser and was accusing him. But God did not say, “Those accusations are false.” God just said, “The Lord rebuke you, Satan. The Lord, who has chosen Jerusalem.”

So in other words, God was saying he is. In Zachariah three, Joshua, the high priest, was chosen as part of fulfilling God’s purposes for Jerusalem and for Israel, and because God had chosen Jerusalem and chosen Israel in His purposes, this man was to stand in that office that God had given him, in spite of the accusations of the enemy. And the interesting thing is, in Zachariah three, and I saw the same thing in the vision, an angel comes and takes away the filthy rags.

Leader Chosen to Fulfill God’s Purposes for Jerusalem

In the vision I saw demons that were like laughing hyenas, just mocking and so scornful, and giving accusation after accusation against this leader. But the Lord said, “The Lord who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you.”

In other words, “I’ve chosen this leader for My purposes for Jerusalem. Therefore I will deal with the accusations.” And how did God deal with the accusations in Zachariah three, and the same in this vision? The angels came, took away the filthy clothing. The word in Hebrew that is used there is actually the word used for excrement, I mean it was absolutely filthy clothing.

And took away that filthy clothing and then put clean clothing upon him. And then the angel put a white turban upon his head, even as they did for Joshua, the high priest, in Zachariah three.

I felt this represented God’s sovereign ability to purify and direct and to overrule in the thoughts of this leader that He had chosen for His purposes. He put a clean white turban upon his head.

The Bible says we’re to have the helmet of salvation upon our head. There has been so much witchcraft directed against these key leaders who have been chosen in this period of time, in this battle for righteousness and the unborn, and for God’s purposes for Israel. And I found that where there’s witchcraft people often get very confused in their thoughts. So I’d like to ask you to join me in praying:

Prayer for Trump and Other World Leaders

Father, we pray today for President Trump. We pray today for President Bolsonaro in Brazil, President Anez in Bolivia. We pray for other leaders throughout the world that You have chosen as part, as like a Cyrus or a Samson, or as a key figure in this battle, for a turning of the tide for certain nations to move much more strongly to becoming a sheep nation that obeys and follows the voice of the Good Shepherd.

So Father, today, according to what You showed me in that vision, I pray for these leaders, but I pray, especially, as he’s kinda like at the point of this battle, for President Trump. Lord, would You silence the accusers, even on things that are true? Would You silence the accuser?

We say, “The Lord rebuke you, Satan, the Lord who has chosen Jerusalem,” because, God, You have chosen him for Your purposes for Jerusalem and for Israel. We ask you, Oh God that You would rebuke, and we rebuke today, the accuser of the brethren. May the media that are like laughing hyenas surrounding and wanting to devour and wanting to accuse, may they be held back and stopped. And Lord, we believe You in Your great mercies, that because he, President Bolsonaro, President Anez, other leaders you’ve raised up at this time, are trusting only in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, not their own righteousness, we declare that the filthy rags of whatever may be in their past are taken off of them, and the clean, righteousness of Yeshua, of Jesus, is upon them.

And we declare today a white turban upon their heads, of each one of these leaders, to protect their thoughts, to cleanse their thoughts, to enable them to forgive those who have accused them, to enable them to break free from any kind of confusion that may have come from witchcraft directed against them.

We cover their heads with the blood of Jesus Christ, of Yeshua Hamashiach, with the helmet of salvation that they may think according to what You want them to think at this time, so that they may fulfill the purpose for which You raised them up at this moment in history.

So we declare today that our God can choose whom He will. God raises up people at this specific time. And our God is able to stop the voice of the accuser. Our God is able to take away our filthy clothes, let’s all of us stand only in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, of Yeshua Hamashiach.

God Stronger Than Witchcraft

And our God is able to give these leaders the ability to think clearly, to perceive clearly, to understand clearly. Our God is the Wonderful Counselor. And we ask you, O God, to be a Wonderful Counselor, to give Your thoughts to these leaders at this key moment, to help turn the tide in this epic battle of the nations and for the nations at this time of history. In the name of Jesus, in the name of Yeshua. Amen.

Part 2: The Great Setback and Unravelling

The Spiritual Battle and The Lion of Judah

I would like to share a vision I received in Jerusalem on the 22nd of November, 2020 of the epic spiritual battle that I believe is now underway: I saw a Queen Spider seated on a throne with Babylon written on her crown. Her throne was on a flying carpet that was made up of a huge number of spider webs, of evil systems that had been tightly woven together. She had a scornful, jeering, defiant expression on her face.

But as intercessors began to cry out for justice upon the earth, the Lion of Judah came down from His throne above it all.

He took His claw and pulled on the carpet on the Western side and it began to quickly unravel (I found out later that a lion’s claw is as sharp as a razor and as strong as carbon fiber).

As her web of evil systems began to unravel on the West, the Queen of Babylon Spider tried to desperately hold it together. But then the Lion of Judah took His claw and began to unravel the evil systems in the Far East. Then to the North of the globe, and then to the South.

Then a loud voice proclaimed: “Now has begun the great setback and the great unravelling.”

The Queen of Babylon Spider tried desperately to stop the unravelling of her systems, but she could not.

As the Lion of Judah roared, her throne was severely shaken and her evil plans were severely set back.

Then golden doors above the Lion of Judah opened in each direction. A mighty angel flew in each direction with a silver trumpet, announcing great redemption and Harvest.

So from Jerusalem, we proclaim these Scriptures over the Spider webs of evil systems throughout the world:

“He thwarts the plans of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success. He catches the wise in their craftiness, and the schemes of the wily are swept away.” – Job 5:12,13

“Such is the destiny of all who forget God; so perishes the hope of the godless. What they trust in is fragile; what they rely on is a spider’s web. They lean on the web, but it gives way.” – Job 8:13-15

“They hatch harmful plots like snake’s eggs and spin their lies like a spider spins its web. [I believe this is especially relevant to lying media] Whoever eats their ‘eggs’ dies and a poisonous snake gets hatched! Their ‘webs’ cannot substitute as clothing, they cannot cover themselves with the lies they spin, nor can their works cover themselves adequately. Their actions are evil, and the wages of violence is in their hands.” – Isaiah 59:5,6 [TPT]

And finally,

“As a lion growls, a great lion over his prey – and though a whole band of shepherds is called together against him, he is not frightened by their shouts or disturbed by their clamor – so the Lord Almighty will come down to do battle on Mount Zion and on its heights. Like birds hovering overhead, the Lord Almighty will shield Jerusalem.” – Isaiah 31:4,5

May the Lion of Judah roar over this election integrity, as President Trump has stood for the Biblical mandate of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. May the Lion of Judah roar over evil systems and spider webs of deceit in government and media.

Today we say The Lion of Judah is roaring in this spiritual battle, and the Great Setback and Unravelling of evil systems in the nations has begun!

These videos and transcript originally appeared on Succat Hallel, November 23, 2020, and reposted with permission.