VIDEO: The great reversal


Daniel Juster, Tikkun International, speaks on The Beatitudes in Matthew 5 and encourages us to overcome.

This passage in the history of the interpretation in the Church has usually been interpreted to mean that these are states that we should be in if we want to be blessed. So we have to be poor in spirit which is a type of humility. Or we have to be mourning and usually the the interpretation is that we need to be mourning over the sad condition of the world or grieving over the needs of the world.

But actually, a lot of scholars believe today, and I think they’re right, that Matthew 5 is not talking about the kind of state that we should be in but because Yeshua came and brought the presence of Kingdom of God, there is a great reversal taking place in the conditions of people and that people are no longer victims of the conditions they find themselves in. So if a person is poor, and he comes into the kingdom of God, his life is no longer is determined by poverty but with God he has a supply through Yeshua that he would never have understood and received before.

Blessed are those who mourn does not mean that we should pray for people to have tragedies and loss and grief but it means that those who are mourning, who’ve had great losses, will be delivered of their grieving because they will know the reality of eternal iife through Yeshua and He will deliver them from mourning into the joy of His peace and presence.

The humble and meek who get trampled upon are actually going to with the power of God, inherit the land, the earth. And those who hunger than thirst for righteousness are going to see the very righteousness of God being established through His power in their lives.

So we have to ask these questions to you who are listening to this programme: Are you those who have come to understand the great reversal and with God you can do all things and you are no longer a victim of your circumstance but you are overcomers because the Kingdom of God is now available to you.

Let’s pray and ask the Lord to do a mighty work of encouraging you and enabling you to overcome.

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Dr. Daniel Juster, founder and director of Tikkun International, has been involved in the Messianic Jewish movement since 1972 and currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel, from where he serves and supports the Messianic movement worldwide. Dan was the founding president and general secretary of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations for 9 years, the senior pastor of Beth Messiah congregation for 22 years, and a co-founder of the Messiah Bible Institute in several nations. Dr. Juster serves on the board of Towards Jerusalem Council II, provides oversight to 15 congregations in the USA as well as overseeing emissaries in Israel and the Former Soviet Union. Daniel has authored about 20 books on topics ranging from theology, Israel and the Jewish people, eschatology, discipleship, and leadership.