[VIDEO] The Two Disciples of Sukkot | Matthew 21:23-32| Rev. Aaron Eime

This week, all across Israel, families have been gathering in their Sukkas which are small booths, in order to mark the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. We hear of this festival in Leviticus 23, where it not only tells Israel to build booths, but to also gather plants. The four plants are Palm, Myrtle, Willow and an Etrog (a Yellow Citrus). The text however doesn’t tell us why we gather these plants, or what to do with them.

We can learn from Jewish tradition that God asks us to worship him with all our senses. And over the years Jewish people have noticed that these four plants have either a taste or a smell, but not both. That is except for the Etrog. An interpretation was added to this observation showing how each of these different plants represented a type of disciple. In his sermon, Aaron takes us through from Sukkot, to the Parable of the Two Sons, and challenges us… what type of disciple are we? Do we smell AND taste like a follower of Jesus?