[VIDEO] The Yoke of the Gods | Rev. John Arnold

There is a time to hear the message of the King and that time is now. But having ears to hear includes submitting ourselves to follow the message of the King. In the end, we will submit to the message of a king, a god. The question that we should ask ourselves is do we want to submit to the gods we make or to the God that made us. When we submit to the gods we make, even though it is because we are seeking our own benefit, our own lusts, and our own selfishness it will only burden us and make us like those gods we make–vain, self-righteous, self-absorbed. Submitting to the God who made us does mean that we look to serve–serve the orphan, the widow, our neighbour, and all those who God loves (which includes those who would be his enemies). But even so, this burden is well worth bearing, for it is not wearisome and following His commands is true rest for our souls.