VIDEO: Thousands of Christians celebrate Sukkot in Jerusalem


Thousands of Christians celebrate Sukkot in Jerusalem every year. Learn why there is such a great deal of emphasis on this Biblical feast amongst Christians.

There were three major feasts in the Old Testament. One was the Feast of Passover that celebrated the Israeli deliverance from Egypt and it was fulfilled in the sacrifice of Jesus; the Bible says He was the sacrificial Lamb.

The second being the Feast of Pentecost This was the feast when the Holy Spirit came upon the Christians. It was the Feast of Firstfrults and the early Christians filled with the first fruit unto the Lord. So that Feast was fulfilled during Pentecost.

The third major Feast was that of the Feast of Tabernacles which had to do with the final ingathering of the harvest of grains and so forth and it was celebrated by people moving out of their house and live in tabernacles or booths. That Feast has never had a New Testament fulfilment. In my opinion, it speaks of the final coming of the Lord, the final ingathering, the final harvest of people unto the Lord. So there is a great deal of emphasis on the Feast of Tabernacles amongst Christians.