[VIDEO] Tshuva, Repentance

Tshuva is a song about returning to God, and through repentance, He will show you the way.

Yaron Yerahmiel Cherniak wrote the music and lyrics below, performed in the Judean Hills of Israel.


The heart searches for an answer
The heart turns in repentance
One day, he sai
“Look, behold a lily
Do not worry, my beloved
Behold, the night has passed”
Let us go out into the orchard
From the hot, tar road
The sound of sung supplications
September, Elul

Halev rotse tshuva
Halev ose tshuva
Yom echad hu amar
Habet hine shoshan
Al tidag yedidi
Hine halaila avar
Netze lapardes
Mishvil hazefet hacham
Kol shirat bakashot
September, Elul