VIDEO: What Israel achieved In ONE Jewish year

Watch Hananya Naftali present on what Israel has achieved in one Jewish year.

Israel is only 70 years old with around 8 million people. Being one of the smallest countries in the world.

Education, research & space

Israel became the third most educated country in the world according to OECD. A team of Israeli scientists make an important breakthrough in leukaemia research putting a cure for the disease within reach for the first time ever.

Israel launched into space the world’s first Micro-Satellite for environmental research. It launched the first ever Parkinson’s disease test. It developed revolutionary eye nano drops that can fix your eye vision and soon will release it to the public.

Happiness index & innovation

Israel sent humanitarian delegations to South Sudan, Guatemala, India, Cameroon and more.

Israel was ranked the world’s 11th happiest country . According to World Economic Forum, Israel is the third most innovative country in the world.

It’s mind blowing what Israel has done in literally no time. This small country has a great future ahead of it.