VIDEO: Yeshua, Yom Kippur and the Talmud

Did you know that the Talmud, one of Judaism’s most sacred documents, indirectly proves that Yeshua was the final sacrifice for sins?

Quick note: In the video I mention that the Talmud was codified in 200 CE. In truth, it was just the Mishna, the Oral Law, that was codified at that time. The Mishna is part of the Talmud, but also includes the Gemara, a commentary on the Mishna, which was completed several hundred years later.

Quick note #2: So there is no confusion, most Messianic Jews, including myself, do not believe in an Oral Law that was given to Moses on Sinai. We were merely saying that the book that Orthodox Jews revere says, “such and such” … But that should be taken to mean that we hold the Talmud in the name light as Orthodox Jews. I think that is clear in the video, but at least one emailer thought that we were equating the Talmud with Scripture.

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