[VIDEO] You Remain Faithful by Jerusalem Assembly Worship Team


This song (in Hebrew with English subtitles) was written during the COVID19 pandemic, which shook up many people and made them feel threatened and insecure. The song wants to be a reminder that also in difficulties, in the many unexpected ups and downs of life, when facing challenges, when what seemed solid crumbles away all around you, even then you are in the hands of your faithful and never changing God!

I hope that the words of this song will encourage and help you to focus your heart, mind and spirit on the faithful God who holds you, instead of on the troubles of the moment.

You Remain Faithful — by Nerel Ben Ami

In times of pain, distress and want
I remember that Almighty God is by my side
In the valley of the shadow of death, in troubled times
I remember that you have said: “Fear not, My child”

You remain faithful
You never change
Good and merciful God – You will always be

When doubt and fear fill my heart
I remember that you never let go of my hand
In times of crisis when you seem so distant
Remind me to hold fast to Your Word

In times of despair when my yoke is heavy
I will pray for Your peace to guard my heart
When loneliness overshadows my path
I will remember that you are always with me