One For Israel Staff Dec 4, 2019

[VIDEO] Jewish Teacher becomes a Student of Yeshua!

After reading Isaiah 53 this Jewish teacher becomes a student of Yeshua…the greatest Teacher of all!

Eitan Bar Nov 30, 2019

Multi Millionaire Was Spiritually Bankrupt Until He Met Yeshua

When tragedy struck Joseph’s family he was determined not just to fill his father’s shoes but to surpass everyone’s expectations and make a name for himself. Soon his financial company ...

Chad Holland Nov 29, 2019

VIDEO: Put on the process

Pastor Chad reminds us that even though we can be freed from most things, there are those few stubborn elements that are more difficult to get freed from. Even so, ...

Anastasia Oh. Nov 27, 2019

VIDEO: My Jewish Faith In Jesus Couldn’t Be Contained!

When this Jewish high schooler wrestled with his identity, he tried to hide his messianic faith from those around him. After coming to the realization that his sense of true ...

Peter Tsukahira Nov 26, 2019

VIDEO: Justified by faith

Peter gives a teaching, “Justified by faith,” at Kehilat HaCarmel on November 16, 2019.

Simcha Natan Nov 23, 2019


Much like ballet, surrender is a discipline that may look weak but is an act of strength. It takes childlike faith to mature into surrender, and as we learn by ...

Sarah Liberman Nov 3, 2019

VIDEO: “My Portion” – New album pre-release clip

״My Portion" is the first song to be released from Sarah's incredible new album. It tells the story of coming to a place in your heart where God is your ...

Dani Sayag Oct 26, 2019

VIDEO: The power of the Gospel

Dani gives a teachings, “The power of the Gospel,” at Kehilat HaCarmel on October 19, 2019.

Chad Holland Oct 25, 2019

VIDEO: Standing alone

“God will listen to your account – but He will not listen to your excuses” – go deep into the meaning of ‘Standing Alone’ as we continue our new series!