Walking in Revival

And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,

that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh.

– Acts 2:17 (NKJV)

The revival written in the book of Acts came to Jerusalem because it was God’s appointed time. However, we as believers, though separated by centuries of time with the earliest churches should remain expectant and receptive to the current work of the Holy Spirit. The key for revival then and now are Yeshua’s disciples. Yeshua’s disciples set themselves apart in prayer.

Yeshua told them to “tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high” (Luke 24:49). In response, they waited in prayer from the moment He ascended into heaven. Eventually Yeshua’s promise was fulfilled and the Holy Spirit came. God poured out His Spirit on human flesh. The First Messianic community was born in the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came upon Miriam (Mary) and the Son of God came into our world (Luke 1:35). That same Spirit came down on the first disciples, which birthed the first community in Jerusalem.

There are so many promises in God’s Word about the outpouring of the Spirit. If we want to see a revival we need to set ourselves apart for prayer! Revival needs to begin with us. We need to be revived in the Spirit. There is nothing in our lives that God cannot revive through His Spirit. If we want to see revival in our cities, revival needs to be happening within our fellowship (Messianic community). Our generation needs to know how to hold onto God.

God wants to pour out His Spirit on us. The word “pour out” in Greek in verse 17 is the same verb, only in the future tense, which Paul used in Romans 5:5 when he said that “the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us” (NKJV). When something is poured onto our body, we immediately feel it. God wants to pour Himself out to us and when He does pour Himself out, we will feel it. Our body will experience His touch, and our hearts will be filled once again with His love for us.

We need to cry out for the outpouring of God’s Spirit on us! We need a visitation of God’s Spirit as never before. If we are seeking the Lord daily and allowing Him to revive us in His presence, then wherever we go we’ll bring God’s revival with us.

In June 2011, I was spending time with the Lord walking on the beach in Haifa. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the key to revival in Haifa is hearts that are hungry for the Lord. We can be keys in the hands of God. We can be people the Lord uses to unlock revival in our cities. However, we must remain hungry for Yeshua and ask Him to pour out His Spirit upon us.

Revival is costly. It costs time, energy; it may even cost you your life. But if we are not seeking God to revive us, how can He entrust us with revival for our cities? The early disciples of Yeshua learned the importance of prayer in their ministry and gave themselves “continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word” (Acts 6:4).

This blog was a part of Andrey’s new book “Come With Me Into His Presence