WATCH: What’s it like to be a Believer in the IDF?

Israeli IDF soldiers patrol the Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights after a shooting incident in which ISIS shot over the border into Israel, on November 27, 2016. (Photo: Basel Awidat/Flash90)

There’s a growing number of Messianic soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. They boldly provide the light of Messiah in some very difficult circumstances. Kehila News Israel will soon be publishing the results of a survey we did among Messianic soldiers, and following that some exclusive interviews with some soldiers, in which they share different experiences they have encountered as believers in the IDF.

Below is a new video by Hananya Naftali, a medic in the IDF, who is passionate about God, sharing the truth about life in Israel and his experiences in the Israeli army. Check out his YouTube channel for more great videos he’s produced.