We are the light of the world


We are the light of the world! This truth has been ignited in my heart in increasing measure since I began my daily trips to the hospital almost 2 years ago. Here in Israel, there is a great intimidation against witnessing. The religious spirits are strong and dominant, especially in Jerusalem. People know very little about Yeshua except the traditional lies taught by the rabbis that the one who loves our people more than any other is not our Savior but a dangerous enemy. It is so much easier not to talk, not to mention the “hated” name. And yet we have no doubt that if the revival that we long for is to come, then the light that God has put in us needs to shine forth from us each and every day. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

Today, as the darkness throughout the earth is on the increase, we know that the time is short. Now is the time for us who believe and are filled with the Holy Spirit to rise up in greater boldness than ever before. As the fire of God that burns within us pours forth on this dark world, God’s glory will manifest and His light will shine!

This past Shabbat, I shared a message on being the “Light of the World”. Before I spoke, in the beginning of the meeting, Simcha gave a testimony about what happened after she had determined to be “bold” wherever she went. She was in the supermarket and felt the Lord give her a word of knowledge for someone that was suffering pain in his back. She greeted him lovingly, and after a few words with him, he agreed to let her pray for him. Praise God! HE WAS HEALED! She was very excited and encouraged everyone to take the needed step of faith to spread God’s love and healing wherever we go. Her word was a great confirmation of the message I was about to share!

After my message, many received a personal touch to be loosed into a new boldness. Please join us in prayer, believing that something fresh is being released in Jerusalem in this day and that his people will begin to walk in a new confidence and boldness! The fields are white unto harvest. May his laborers go into the fields and may we reap the harvest.

We were at the supermarket recently in the late evening and it was fairly empty. We walked in along with this religious soldier who was serving reserve duty. We smiled at each other and entered the supermarket. Several times during our shopping trip we passed each other and spoke a few words. When we finished, we went to the “self service” checkout and who came up behind us but this same man! The time had come and we were ready! We started to talk about where we lived and what we did and I shared the wonderful, life giving report that we were Jews who believed that Yeshua was the Messiah.

The amazing thing was that he was interested in talking! He suggested we continue outside and we ended up sharing the life and love of Yeshua for nearly an hour. As we parted, we blessed him with a heartfelt prayer. A boring and late evening trip to the supermarket had become a mighty and joyful event! We stepped out in faith, God supplied the needed words and a man that God so loves heard the Good News of Yeshua.

sharing yeshua

On another day, we were in a clothing store in a local shopping mall. I started talking to the saleswoman. She lived close to us and so we talked about life in Bet Shemesh, our local town. We had ten minutes but before we left, she had heard the testimony of Yeshua in our lives. We poured His amazing and wonderful love and blessing upon her and we left knowing that the light of Messiah had touched her heart.

We are committed to sharing the Lord with those who surround us. God has declared that we are the light of the world! He has given us everything we need to go forth and extinguish the darkness.

We are committed to sharing the Lord with those who surround us. God has declared that we are the light of the world! He has given us everything we need to go forth and extinguish the darkness.

The biggest obstacle that we face is fear and anxiety which blocks us from sharing the life we have within us. So many of us go to our congregations and churches and openly talk about Yeshua. We spend an evening with a friend who believes and we speak of the wonders and love of the Lord. Yet when most of us are on the street or in a store or restaurant, we hold our tongue and do not even offer the life and help that the lost so desperately need.

I believe with all of my heart that God’s passionate desire in this day is to destroy the work of the enemy. God is calling us to go forth and share His Word and life. As you go forth, as you step into the land that is beyond your natural gifting, His power WILL be released in you and the lost will be bathed in His life. His light will shine forth from you, the called will come home and God’s Kingdom will come.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, July 3, 2017, and reposted with permission.