Wealth of the gentiles and feet of the apostles

Night time view of the Old City in Jerusalem (Photo: Sebi Berens/Flash90)

There are several passages in the prophets that speak of a day in which the “wealth of the nations (or Gentiles) will come” – (Isaiah 60:5; 60:9; 60:11; 60:16; Zech. 14:14; Rev. 21:6)

Is there to be a fulfillment or even partial fulfillment for these verses in our time? Is that to the Church? – Or to Israel? I think both to some degree. If so, perhaps there is a double fulfillment to the Messianic remnant.

Why should there be such an abundance of resources? This could not be for greedy, selfish purposes, or for a small vision. If the wealth is to come from all the nations, it must be a provision for a vision that will bless all the nations.

Today the possibility exists of fulfilling the great commission of the apostles for world evangelism (Acts 1), unity in the Church (John 17); revival in Israel (Romans 11); and for the Millennial Kingdom on earth (Revelation 20).

For such a large scale vision, an equivalent, large-scale provision would be needed. This is more of a responsibility than a benefit. In fact it is a huge and difficult burden. But I feel the Lord wants us to embrace the responsibility for such a vision and to believe for its provision.

The Bible records instances in which people sold property and laid the money at the “apostles’ feet.” The people acted in such supernatural generosity because they grasped the greatness of the kingdom message that was expressed in the “apostles’ teaching”. They were motivated to support that world-changing vision.

They listened diligently to the apostles’ teaching. – Acts 2:42
They laid the money at the feet of the apostles – Acts 4:35

There is a great danger in this outpouring of financial blessing. Those who receive it must act in strict integrity, even personal austerity, while at the same time being aggressively generous to use the finances to advance the kingdom of God.

The miracle provision in Acts 4 led immediately to the deadly sin of Hananiah and Sapphira in Acts 5. The betrayal of Yeshua by Judas was prompted by jealousy over the extravagant generosity of Miriam pouring out the expensive perfume. The attack of the nations against Israel by Gog and Magog is prompted as well by jealousy over finances (Ezekiel 38:12).

Recently at Congregation Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem we taught and prayed humbly for the “wealth of the Gentiles to come” and to be “laid at the feet of the apostles.” Five days later we received a call from a dear saint on the other side of the world, who had simultaneously been considering a major donation. He said that God spoke to him and said, “Take the money and lay it at Asher’s feet.”

May this serve as a supernatural sign for an outpouring of resources to many others for the completion of the apostles’ vision in our generation!

This article originally appeared on Revive Israel, March 8, 2017, and reposted with permission.