“We’re Still Jews” Anti-discrimination Campaign


The average Jewish person thinks that it is impossible to be Jewish and believe in Jesus, causing a vast misunderstanding in the Jewish mindset about Jewish believers in Yeshua (JBYs).

This misunderstanding is founded on almost 2,000 years of discrimination, persecution, inquisitions, pogroms and more against the Jewish people in the name of Jesus — a huge wound in the Jewish soul. Because of this distorted mindset, Jews believe they would have to stop being Jewish if they were to believe in Yeshua. It also causes persecution and discrimination here in Israel and systematic attempts to prevent JBYs from making aliyah (immigrating to Israel).

Of course, we know that a Jewish person CAN believe in Yeshua and STILL be Jewish. JBYs are more—not less—connected to their Jewishness; they are more Zionistic and their love for the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is much greater than before they believed.

How can we correct this almost 2,000-year-old false mindset? 

  1. One way is to publish articles and stories in the Israeli — primarily Hebrew — media about JBY’s living in the land who believe in ONE God; who consider themselves fully Jewish, live a Jewish (but generally not Orthodox) lifestyle (celebrating the Feasts, honoring Shabbat, studying Tanach, etc.). They and their children serve honorably in the IDF and are often elevated to officer status; they work and contribute to the economy and many JBYs are doing exemplary service such as providing humanitarian aid. In short, these stories can present the fact that JBYs are valid and valuable members of Israeli society.
  2. Together, with this positive picture, the articles will show how these very same “valid and valuable” members of Israeli society are being discriminated against and even persecuted for their faith, sometimes violently. In addition, their fellow JBYs from the United States and other countries are being systematically excluded from making aliyah. This is wrong and unjust.

A group of activists here in the land have launched a campaign to correct this false mindset. We believe this is God’s will and God’s timing. We call it the “We’re Still Jews” campaign–We believe in Yeshua and we are STILL Jews. The Steering Committee includes Calev Myers, Mati Shoshani, Youval Yanay, Ann Carroll, Eric and Terri Morey and others.

We have hired a secular Israeli public relations firm to move the campaign forward. In late November 2017, this firm supplied articles to the Israeli press which appeared on the front page of Ha’aretz (leading Hebrew newspaper) as well as Ha’aretz English; Jerusalem Post (2 major articles and a supportive lead editorial all of which resulted in at least a dozen printed letters to the editor on the subject of “Messianic Jews”); Newsweek; Yahoo and publications in Sweden and Germany. This was our first mini-campaign. More campaigns are being planned.

We are looking for other suitable candidates–as described in points 1. and 2. above–to interview for the campaign. We prefer candidates who are native Hebrew speakers or immigrants that speak excellent Hebrew.

Please pray for this campaign. It is a HUGE undertaking. In the natural, it could take decades to change the mindset of a whole nation about a very sensitive subject. We believe, with God’s help, it will take much less time.

If you know of JBYs who would be good candidates for articles in the Israeli media, or if you would like to donate to the cause, please contact Eric Morey, emorey43@yahoo.com.

I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron.  Isaiah 45:2

Note: This article was updated on January 23, 2018.