What can we do to escape the flames?

Imagine you’re standing on the banks of a great river. It’s about 2 kilometers across and in the middle, about 300 meters in from the shore on both sides, there’s a current that runs at about 80 kph.

It would be impossible for any other mortal human being to swim across that river by ourselves.

But you must.

Because the forest behind you is on fire. Massive columns of flame are devouring it even as you sit here reading this. The smoke from the fire has already made breathing difficult and the heat from the flames, which draw closer by the second, is already nearly unbearable.

The only way to escape the flames is to swim across the river to the other side.

But you can’t.

There’s no way you or I can swim across that river by our own efforts.

Happily enough, there’s a Man standing next to us, whose name is Jesus Christ, and He CAN swim across the river and bring us to the other side. But in order for Him to rescue us, we need to make the decision to climb up on His back and wrap our arms and legs around Him and hold on with all our strength while He does the swimming.

Many of us are merely holding Jesus’ hand, or maybe even standing next to Him with one arm wrapped around His shoulders. Many more are saying we’re with Him, but we think we can swim across the river ourselves as long as we’re swimming next to Him. Many others want Him to carry them across the river but they don’t believe it when He says only He can get us across, but instead they believe they must also do their own part by “observing the commandments” in order to help Him swim.

But they don’t realize that this is not only futile but that it actually makes it more difficult, often even impossible, to rely solely on His strength and power, which is the only thing that can save them. By trying to “do their part” they’re actually just getting in His way.

None of these alternative methods or half-measures will save us.

We must climb up on His back and wrap our arms and legs around Him tightly and trust Him to swim across the river for us. Any other method or attitude will end with us drowning in the river or being burned by the fire.

How do we wrap our arms and legs around Him?

Study the Bible daily!

Pray daily!

Fellowship with other Believers daily!

Get plugged in to a local church and find a way to contribute to it in every way that you can!

Share the Gospel at EVERY opportunity!

The flames are getting hot, and they’re getting close. It is already difficult to stay on the riverbank and soon it will be impossible.

May God give us all the strength and wisdom to climb up on Jesus’ back and hold on with everything we’ve got!