What Do We Have to Offer?


We are living in a very interesting and difficult time; it’s a time of great change. Right in the midst of these changes, God wants to raise up future leaders, fathers and mothers in the faith. He wants these people to be full of love, wisdom, grace and patience. These people will be leading others to God’s call for their life. Indeed, the body of Messiah is in need of men and women of God.

What do we have to offer to this world? People of different faiths are trying to convince others that the way they live is true, and if only we can accept their faith, things will be better.

The followers of Islam are declaring that if people submit to the good will of Allah, then they will find meaning of life. Muslims are saying that submission to Allah’s law is the best safeguard for man’s peace and harmony. Is this what we see in our generation? Do we see peace and harmony spreading throughout Muslim countries? What are Muslims are offering to this world?

The followers of different streams of Rabbinical Judaism are declaring that the teachings of their spiritual leaders are the way of life that pleased God. Rabbinical Judaism was developed after the fall of the Temple of Jerusalem (70 A.D.), and presented the work of the Pharisaic rabbis. The Rabbis teach about worship and a life discipline that was to be practiced by Jews worldwide until today. They basically developed their own way of life and require from their followers a strict observance and devotion to it. What are the religious Jews contributing to this world? Do we see the example to follow?

The followers of Humanism are trying to convince others that man is the center of the universe. This ideology teaches the importance of human critical thinking and rationalism, and exalts man over every creature. Humanism denies the existence of God. Do we really think that as humans, we have all the answers we need and can bring solutions that will transform our communities? Does our world become a better place for us to live in based on their ideology?

What can we, as the followers of Yeshua the Messiah, offer to the current generation of the world? This a good question! How can we impact the world we are living in with the culture of violence within it? Do we live in such a way that brings blessings, help, solutions, and strengths to others? Do we know God’s heart for our generation? What are we focusing more on: God’s judgment of an apostate people or God’s way of bringing His restoration, blessings and life to those who are in need? Does my devotion to God and my life, make a difference in this world? How many of us are actually asking ourselves such questions?

As God’s children we are blessed, but our hearts should be with those who are lost. We are not called to perfect the world, but to be a witness of God’s solution for it. We have to present to our society God’s way and perspective and allow people to make a choice. We can offer an alternative to the ways of this world – God’s solution and His ways.

How can we win people into the Kingdom? First, we must continue standing on God’s truth, laws, values, and principles no matter what people around us are doing or saying. Second, we have to live our daily routine in such a way, that it will speak louder than anything we have to say. This along with our words will demonstrate how His goodness changed and enriched our lives. Yes, we have to provoke people around us to jealousy.

I believe in God’s winning strategy. Let us ask, seek and knock until He shows us His plans for our generation. This world is waiting for the sons and daughters of the living God, who know the real purpose for life, walk in wisdom, and are ready to invest their lives into others.