What God is Saying About the Coronavirus

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Recently, David Demian asked me to share on a global webinar about the coronavirus. They played a clip of me speaking at their gathering in Hong Kong last July, sharing visions of increasing shakings coming on the world.

I had shared that it was important not to give in to fear in the increasing shakings and chaos. To remember that it is the Lord who is in charge of the duration of shakings, and the ultimate purpose was the emergence of the Kingdom of God, that cannot be shaken, and the Harvest.

I prophesied at that gathering that the shakings in Hong Kong would not spin out of control. But they would later calm down, and then would come another shaking. And that China would be shaken severely after Hong Kong.

Then in January 2020, I prophesied in Korea that great shakings would happen there within the next three months. They are now the nation with the second highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths after China.

I prophesied that these shakings would expose lies in the government and media of China and of South Korea.

The bottom line was that the shakings would be strong, but would each time calm down after a season, like in between birth pangs. Then another birth pang and shaking will come. But these shakings will result in a greater release of healings, miracles, harvest, and greater measures of the manifestation of the Kingdom.

After I shared on the global webinar, a pastor from Wuhan (the center of the Coronavirus outbreak in China) spoke on the webinar. She said the word the Lord had given me in Hong Kong had helped them overcome the fear that had gripped them. And then they went onto the streets to serve people who were contaminated with the virus, which impressed government officials, and they saw many healings.

Below is the video of what I shared in Hong Kong in July 2019:


We live in Jerusalem. Our house of prayer, Succat Hallel, looks out at the Temple Mount. As we were worshiping, the Lord began to give me a vision of the Lord on His throne above that hill where He will eventually reign.

And in this vision, He showed that there was a bowl that was full from the intercession of people. And He ordered that the bowl be emptied, there was a tipping point. And this huge drop of water came down, and then when it hit Jerusalem, it went in ripples to the ends of the Earth.

And He said, “This water represents that I am going in this season to bring water to the very driest places in the world.” Places like many of the nations of the Middle East. And then He began to show the next step in that process.

He had a huge round threshing basket. That’s a basket, in the Middle East they will put grain in this basket and then they throw it in the air and the wind blows away the chaff.

And He took the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, he put them in this basket. He said, “It will start here, but it will go to the ends of the Earth.” And He said, “I will shake everything that can be shaken. So that what cannot be shaken will remain.”

But what I noticed was He was the one absolutely in control of the shaking. He took the basket and He threw it in the air, and then the Temple Mount came back down again. And then there was a pause. And then He threw it again and even higher, a greater shaking. And then higher and even greater shaking.

And each time He would do this, the shakings would go out to the ends of the Earth. And He said, “In the times of these shakings, you may think I am not in control, but know that I am in control.” I believe He’s saying that to Hong Kong today.

In the midst of the shakings, He is in control. And when it is time for a particular shaking to stop, He stopped that shaking.

And then He showed me a next step in this process. I saw something like a rectangle in front of Him. One end was full of light. The other end full of darkness. But most of the bar, most of the rectangle, was full of gray.

And He made me to know that the gray represented confusion and compromise. And He took His hands and He just pushed the gray away. And everything became very polarized. It was either very dark or it was very light.

And He said, “This is what I’m going to do in Jerusalem. And this is what I’m going to do with My church in the nations. I am going to make clear and separate the darkness from the light.” And then in the last scene, He showed me again the threshing basket.

And when there would be a moment, just a pause in between these birth pangs, believers would bring to His feet a little basket with fish and loaves of bread. The fish represented people that had come to the Lord. The bread represented signs and wonders and miracles.

And we would give him this little basket. And then He would give us back a larger basket. And then there would be another shaking. And then there would be a pause. And we would bring the larger basket and lay it down at His feet.

And this time He would give us a medium-sized basket. After the next section, we would lay down the medium basket and say, “Thank You, Lord, for this harvest. Thank You for the miracles.” And then it would become an even bigger basket.

And finally, in the end, the baskets were so big that we could not carry them by ourselves. We had to ask others to help us to bring in the great harvest.

So the Lord is saying, “Do not be afraid of the chaos in the times of the shakings. But know that through these shakings, I will bring forth My kingdom which cannot be shaken.”

This article originally appeared on Succat Hallel, March 4, 2020, and reposted with permission.