What’s your least favorite Bible verse?

If you’re like me, you’ve been asked many times what your favorite Bible verse is, but you’ve probably never been asked what your LEAST favorite Bible verse is. I think that’s a question we should all ask ourselves more often, because as a Bible teacher I’m fond of once said, if you’ve got a problem with something the Bible says, the problem is within you, not within the Bible. In other words, if we read something in the Bible and we don’t like it, that’s God’s way of showing us a mistake we’re making, not a mistake He made.

Keep this in mind as we dive into this week’s blog, which was inspired by some feedback I got from last week’s blog, entitled “Some Thoughts on Lies, Deceit and Gaslighting.”

That blog generated an interesting comment from a reader that prompted me to recall how popular one particular lie is among the Hebrew Roots and Christian Zionist movements. That would be a false doctrine called “Dual Covenant Theology,” which teaches that Jewish people are exempt from the need to accept the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross in order to be forgiven of their sins and enter into a relationship with a holy, righteous God, thus avoiding eternal separation from Him following the end of their mortal lives here on this earth.

Now, as the old saying goes, there are three kinds of lies; ordinary lies, damn lies, and statistics. But there’s at least one other major category of lies, and that’s lies from the Pit of Hell.

This category of lies is of far greater seriousness than the other kinds, because although ordinary lies, damn lies and statistics have done their fair share of damage to the human race over its long, often tortured history, lies from the Pit of Hell include ideas, doctrines and ideologies which were cooked up by Lucifer himself specifically to try and thwart the plans of God for the Human Race, particularly the Jewish People who God chose to be His messengers and the representatives of His Kingdom on this earth.

Dual Covenant Theology is such a lie from the Pit of Hell. It’s on the other side of the coin from Replacement Theology, the pernicious idea that Christian Zionists and Hebrew Roots folks love to hate, even as so many of them embrace, endorse, practice, and propagate Dual Covenant Theology, which is just as bad.

Now, if you’re hearing about all this for the first time, you might be wondering at this point how Dual Covenant Theology works and how anyone ever became deceived into believing in it? Doesn’t the New Testament teach that no one will escape the wrath of a holy and righteous God if they fail to accept the free gift of grace through faith in the blood Jesus shed on the Cross to wash them clean of their sins? How could anyone believe otherwise?

I’m glad you asked.

Yes, the New Testament does teach that very thing. In fact, it repeatedly spells it out in hopelessly unambiguous language and on several occasions the New Testament specifically says that Jewish people need to accept the atoning sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross just as much as Gentiles do. For instance John 14:16 in which “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.”

That would seem to settle it right?

But of course, those who peddle the Satanic lie of Dual Covenant Theology have an infantile, semantic argument which they say refutes the hopelessly unambiguous statement Jesus is making here, saying that Jews who live a “Torah Observant” lifestyle the way Jesus did are fulfilling the requirement He gives in this passage.

Parenthetically, many liberal Christians have a version of this heresy whereby anyone who “loves people like Jesus did” is fulfilling the requirement and will go to Heaven because of it. I once had an encounter with a very well known Progressive, mainline Protestant theologian here in Jerusalem who shared this idea with me and I replied by asking him if wearing sandals like Jesus did was enough? Or how about eating bread and fish the way He did?

He replied by saying I wasn’t being serious and I said that my rhetorical questions were no more or less ridiculous than the idea he was peddling. He didn’t like that, but I wasn’t trying to get him to like me.

There are MANY other examples of this phenomenon. I could write a book cataloging just the ones I’ve personally encountered, both from earnestly sincere Christians whose love for the Jewish people has brought them to a point where they can’t bear to face the painful truth that their Jewish friends are just as lost without Christ as anyone else, to secular people who just desperately want to believe that “being a nice person” is all anyone needs to do in order to be “okay” with God, or the universe, or whatever.

But like all other lies from the Pit of Hell, Dual Covenant Theology is based on taking a Biblical passage out of context, ignoring the rest of Scripture and replacing the Biblical context with fleshly, humanistic ideas to connect all the dots.This is the Enemy’s favorite method of Scriptural exegesis. It’s what he used in his encounter with Jesus which is described for us in Matthew chapter 4.

Which brings us back to the title of this blog.

There are many passages that refute Dual Covenant Theology but like John 14:16, most of them have been subjected to Satanic exegesis. But there’s one passage that is so unambiguous there’s simply no way for Dual Covenant Theologians to explain it away, and that’s why it’s their least favorite passage in the Bible.

I am speaking of 1 John 2:22-23; “Who is the liar except the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.”

There’s no way to wriggle out of this one, and that’s why you’ve almost certainly never heard any Hebrew Roots and/or Christian Zionist teachings which address it. I’ve quoted this verse to a few Christian Zionist leaders here in Jerusalem and I can tell you they REALLY don’t like it and I’m quite certain they wish it wasn’t in their Bible.

Now, it must be mentioned at this point that 1 John 2:22-23 has, of course, been embraced by Replacement Theologians and anti-semites, who apply Satanic exegesis to it in order to try and “prove” their points. But they’re also wrong, and as we all know, they have their least favorite passages of the Bible as well (such as Romans 9-11).

Brothers and sisters, I’ve said it many times before but I’ll say it once again, and I’m saying this to those who embrace Dual Covenant Theology, Replacement Theology, and everyone else, very much including myself.

The Bible is not a salad bar, where we take what we like but ignore what we don’t like.

Every single one of us should be asking ourselves what we don’t like about the Bible. What are those things the Bible says which are making us uncomfortable, and WHY do they make us uncomfortable? Because those are the things God expects us to change about ourselves in order to bring our lives in alignment with His plans and purposes for us.

God created the Hebrew Roots and Christian Zionist movements for a reason. He has plans and purposes for these movements and the ministries and organizations they’ve spawned here in Jerusalem and around the world. I am quite certain that the Enemy knows all about these plans and purposes and that’s why he sent this lie of Dual Covenant Theology up from the Pit of Hell in order to jam us up, slow us down, get us off track and distract us.

It is my sad duty to report to you, brothers and sisters, that the Enemy’s tactic of using Dual Covenant Theology to sow division, confusion and error within these movements has had a fair amount of success. There are ministry leaders such as John Hagee who have openly endorsed Dual Covenant Theology, and there are many others who are sort of “on the spectrum” in terms of their adherence to it. This has caused them, among other things, to be willing to throw Jewish Israeli Believers under a bus in order to appease Orthodox Rabbis.

For those who have done this (people know who they are) I appeal to you as a brother in the Lord to take a look at 1 John 2:22-23 and the many other passages that refute and demolish Dual Covenant Theology and let these passages convict you of the mistakes you’re making. God didn’t make a mistake by putting these passages in His Word. You’re making a mistake by ignoring them and gaslighting yourselves into cooking up infantile rationalizations for why they don’t say what you don’t want them to say.

For everyone else who might be reading these words, I appeal to you as well. What passages of the Bible do you think God might have made a mistake by putting in there? What passages don’t work for you?

These are important questions, and my prayer is that this blog will motivate all of us to ask it, and seek the answers God is trying so hard to give us.

That includes all the Jewish people whose least favorite passages in the Bible are the Messianic prophecies which describe Jesus of Nazareth down to his sandal straps, so they’ve spent the last 2,000 years gaslighting themselves into believing that those passages say something else, ANYTHING ELSE, besides that. But this is a topic or another blog.