When the Mighty are Fallen (Part 2)

Destruction by Thomas Cole, Image: Wikimedia Commons

I was going to write a blog for this week about the reforms I think are necessary in the Christian Zionist movement, but that will have to wait because current events in the USA require urgent attention. About a year and a half ago, I wrote a blog in which I warned that the racial and ideological fault lines in the USA were under tremendous strain and that this was happening under what were, at the time, very good economic conditions including historically low rates of unemployment. What would happen, I asked in that blog, if the economic situation worsened and large numbers of unemployed people got REALLY angry, frustrated and unsettled.

To my tremendous sadness, we have seen the answer to that rhetorical question playing out on our news feeds over the last week as large-scale riots have broken out in over a hundred US cities. The how and why of all this, including all the speculation and conspiracy theories, the justifications and the accusations and the virtue signaling and the box checking and all the rest continues on social and traditional media and probably will for a long time to come.

I’m not really interested in contributing to that cacophony because frankly, a year from now I don’t think anyone will even remember any of that.

Let me tell you what I think WILL be the hot topics of discussion a year from now.

I have seen rough estimates by economists that there is probably already more than $100 billion worth of damage to cities all over the US. The loss in economic activity which will result in this destruction of economic assets and infrastructure will result in even greater long-term economic damage and dislocation. These self-inflicted wounds on the US economy come even as the economic damage from the COVID-19 pandemic has not even fully been counted. For that matter, the COVID-19 crisis isn’t even over yet. Many businesses, municipalities, counties, etc. which were teetering on the brink of insolvency prior to these riots are going to fall off the edge and the already gargantuan unemployment numbers in the US are going to get much bigger.

The bottom line is that the deep and painful economic recession which was almost certainly unavoidable before these riots broke out will now be much worse and last much longer. This could lead to even greater social unrest in the US and will also cause great strain to the entire international economy.

There’s a lot more bad news but I think that’s enough to make my point.

However, I can see a couple of good things coming out of all this.

The first good thing I can see happening is that this situation will finally break the “golden chains” which kept so many Jewish people in the US, Canada and Europe from making Aliyah to Israel. The Ministry of Interior was saying that they expected the fallout from COVID-19 to generate as many as 100,000 new immigrants from North America and Europe in the next two years. I think now those estimates have to be more than doubled in light of the economic dislocation we’re about to see in these countries because of (and alongside of) the ongoing social and political instability there.

With this in mind, I urge anyone who is reading this to make whatever contribution it is in your power to make to helping the Israeli government, as well as the local Body of Messiah in Israel, prepare for these new immigrants. There are MANY ways you can help, so prayerfully ask God to direct you to where you can do the most good in this area. 

The second good thing I can see coming out of this is that, as I and others have often noted, the Church of Jesus Christ very often sees the greatest revivals at times when people are desperate and have come to the end of their own power and strength. Now is just such a time, and the revival we need and have for so long been praying and hoping could be upon us, but we must do our part to bring it to pass.

So it’s time to repent and cry out to our God to have mercy on us. I’m saying this to every follower of Christ all over the world, very much including myself. Repent for your own sins, repent for the sins of your parents and your children if you have any. Repent on behalf of your nation, your community, your church, and anyone else you feel led to repent for. Then ask God to do a miracle and save you, your family, your nation, and watch God move!

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