Where does Gay Pride Month come from?

We’ve all wondered how a month-long celebration of homosexuality came into being.

In Jonathan Cahn’s most recent YouTube clip, he gives the background for where it came from, and why it’s happening at this point in time. 

Cahn, who is an American Messianic Jewish rabbi, author and novelist is also the founder and leader of Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, NJ. He has written several best sellers, including, The Harbinger, and has been invited to speak at Mar-a-Lago as well as President Trump’s Inauguration Prayer Breakfast.

As someone with a prophetic voice, calling America to repentance, he has frequently given warnings about what he believes will happen if the country doesn’t change its direction and abandon its path towards ungodly and immoral practices.

In this particular clip, he speaks about how pride flags are just about everywhere in the month of June. Displayed on stores, homes, parades and even on military websites, he attempts to go back in time to reveal the mystery of how we got here today. 

He begins by saying that President Joe Biden gave a proclamation, stating that, back in June of 1969, a particular group of courageous Americans, who were marginalized, rose up and started an uprising, and that is why Gay Pride Month is celebrated in June. However, Cahn explains that the premise is flawed, because it actually involved a group of several hundred thugs who rose up to attack a small group of eight policemen, who feared for their lives, as the mob tried to burn them alive inside of a bar where they were trying to escape sure death. Cahn says that this is the actual basis for Gay Pride Month. So, in essence, the thing that is being celebrated is the violence which was perpetrated on these officers.

Biden also erroneously points to over 600 laws which he claims are hateful to the LGBTQ community, stating that they are still active. But Cahn says this, too, is a lie. He, instead, explains that, among these laws, they include the forbidding of sexualizing children, not confusing them as to their biological gender, not injecting them with hormones or mutilating them for the rest of their lives. So, in effect, what Biden refers to as hateful laws are simply laws which protect innocent children. 

Cahn goes on to speak about how parents have been labeled “evil,” for seeking to ban books in school libraries which detail pornography, pedophilia and every other deviate sexual behavior – something which they believe the eyes of their children should never see.  

In fact, Cahn says that parents MUST protect their children from this administration – one which allowed transgenders to expose private body parts and engage in other lewd acts, which, although, subsequently having been deemed an offense, is, nonetheless, acceptable for exposure to children, in their school libraries. 

Biden’s proclamation goes on to say that transgender youth, in over a dozen states, are not properly receiving healthcare that they need, but that is yet another lie, says Cahn. He says that those who lead these young people into hormonal alteration, sterilization and castration, even hiding it from their parents is the healthcare to which Biden says they are not receiving. Rather than “gender-affirming care,” as it’s put, by the administration, Cahn defines it as gender-destroying mutilation.

In a nutshell, Cahn has unapologetically claimed that the president has waged war against the protection of children, to the point of suggesting that such states which ban this treatment should lose their funding. He points to California, as an example of a state which is attempting to pass a law to remove children from homes where parents refuse to support this gender-changing intervention.

In fact, Cahn wonders, out loud, if Biden will go so far as to declare the Bible illegal, since it teaches that homosexuality and other immoral sexual behavior is sin. 

But not only has Biden identified June as a month that homosexuality should be celebrated but also strongly encourages all American citizens to, likewise, honor the month and wave the rainbow pride flags as a sign of their compliance. Cahn says that, essentially, we are being asked to celebrate what God calls sin, putting us at enmity with our Creator. 

In celebrating the mutilation of children, Cahn asks if we’ve gone mad! 

Driving God out of the culture has opened the door to other spirits to fill that void, he states. In his book, “The Return of the Gods,” Cahn identifies those same ancient spirits, which are now at work to transform America.  

One is called The Enchantress, who turned men into women and women into men.  Her priesthood, walked around in clothing that was meant for women, while parents brought their children to see them dance. This goddess was linked to the sign of the rainbow.

Cahn reminds listeners that the rainbow only belongs to God and not to any movement, but the symbol has been stolen, as was done in ancient times. He says that the mystery of this celebration is that there was one month in which the spirit of the goddess possessed the culture. It was the month of Tamuz (June).  

Cahn warns that this is what happens when a nation turns from God. It becomes repossessed by other spirits. This is a darkness that will destroy those who cling to it. 

The good news is that God still loves those who have been deceived by all of this evil. He will have mercy and not reject any who come to him and resist the darkness. When the president is gone from the White House, he says, God will still be on the throne! He ends by saying, “Stand against the night, and you will prevail!”