Which Jesus do YOU follow?

Many years ago when I lived in the US I would drive to work every morning past a billboard which said “Jesus was a Vegetarian”.

Overcome with curiosity, I visited the website at the bottom of the billboard. The answer to the obvious question “how do you know” wasn’t hard to find, as the website declared that Jesus was so compassionate and loving that He would never eat animals.

That’s it.

There was no reference, even tangentially, to anything written in the Bible.

While it’s easy to roll our eyes at such foolishness, it’s not so easy to dismiss the fact that MANY people in the world today who call themselves Christians are actually following a “Jesus” who has no connection to the Man by that name described in the Bible.


I know what many of you are thinking, but this blog is not about Torah Observance. That’s a huge topic which I’m trying to get someone else who is far more qualified than I am to address here on KNI.

What I want to address here is the issue of people who, like those who put up that billboard, completely re-invent a whole new “Jesus” to worship and follow.

Specifically, I’m talking about Jesus the Social Justice Warrior, hereafter JSJW.

JSJW is not a King, or a Prophet, or a Priest. The most accurate job description you can give him is “social worker” or “activist” where the main thing is showing “radical compassion” for the downtrodden (usually by demanding that governments increase subsidies for them, rarely if ever by actually going to where the downtrodden physically live and tending to them there or helping them find work.) Also important to JSJW is standing up for the “oppressed” and fighting for “justice”, which can mean almost anything one wants it to mean.

JSJW is the friend of everyone, except the “oppressor”, which by a happy coincidence can be anyone those who worship and follow JSJW say it is.

JSJW doesn’t care about Biblical standards of righteousness. The idea that there is only one way to be in a right relationship with God is absurd and offensive to JSJW.

JSJW is cool with whatever makes you happy and comfortable and doesn’t want to hear any talk about old-fashioned ideas like “sin” or “repentance” etc.

About the only hard and fast rule JSJW has is that no one is allowed to judge anyone else.

Except of course when someone raises old-fashioned topics like “sin” or tries to say that something called “sound doctrine” actually exists and that everyone is not free to interpret Scripture any which way they want and/or is convenient for them.

If anyone acts like that you can judge them for their arrogant, judgmental and oppressive attitude.

After all, JSJW never told anyone they were sinners and needed to repent! He never told anyone they had to do ANYTHING in particular. He just showed compassion for people and stood up for the oppressed and never asked anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do, because he knew that might make them unhappy, and our happiness is his most important concern.

Brothers and sisters, most churches in the world, especially in the West, are teaching and worshipping JSJW. That’s a really big problem because JSJW is actually an idol, a figment in the collective imagination of the post-modern, secular humanist, Liberal mind which has come to dominate the social, cultural and political scene in much of the world.

Jesus of Nazareth was a prophet during His ministry in the Galilee and gave many instructions on how we are to live. When He came to Jerusalem to offer Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity, he fulfilled His role as a priest. But from the time He ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of His Father, He has been fulfilling His role as a King.

If we’ve accepted Jesus as “the Lord and Savior” of our lives, than we need to remember the “Lord” part and start living as He directed us to live in His Word. We need to confess our sins and repent and stop with this nonsense about how no one can “judge” us.

Kings expect their subjects to obey them, and they pass judgement on those who do not. Jesus WILL judge the living and the dead (2 Timothy 4:1). On that day, JSJW won’t be there to help any of the people who have followed and worshipped him in this world. King Jesus is coming back to this Earth soon to establish HIS justice, not fight for some concept of “social justice” that you or I might think up for JSJW to be the champion of.

To sum up, there’s only one REAL Jesus, and if you’re a follower of JSJW, the time to cast him aside and start worshiping the real Jesus is now.