Who is blurring gender lines and why?

What a difference 100 years makes! Back then, women were fighting to get the vote, go to college, work outside of the home, in commerce and industry, and decide on the choice of being what was then called a homemaker or compete in a world which was mostly occupied by men.

In truth, back in the 1920s, most women still chose to stay at home, raise a family and “keep the home fires burning.” It probably wasn’t until the 1960’s that the days of “Ozzie and Harriette” or “Leave it to Beaver” were beginning to become relics of the past where the image of the wife and mother was seen through the lens of her apron and pearl necklace.

Overnight, a revolution was born. Popular songs were grinding out lyrics such as, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man.”  Another tune declared, “I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore….If I have to, I can do anything, I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman.”

It seemed as if few felt a stay-at-home wife and mother was still a worthy or acceptable option. In order to feel worth, self-importance and empowerment, a woman had to swap her full-time role of family caregiver for one of corporate executive and savvy dealmaker.  Predictably, over the course of the next 50 years, many women slowly began to experience the real fatigue and burnout which comes from “trying to do it all.” Why didn’t everyone know that Wonder Woman only existed in the world of fantasy? During those years, society began to change dramatically, and not always for the better. The concept of latchkey kids was born, the divorce rate definitely increased and the whole women’s movement took hold in ways which did not always represent the ideals of all females.

Yes, women had come a long way since the days of suffragettes, but it’s also hard to argue that there wasn’t a cost to pay for many of those advancements. For sure, it was the beginning of a tilt which, in retrospect, no one could have ever imagined would end up where it has today.

Along with the new freedoms that women began to experience, alternative lifestyles began to become more prevalent.  Those gave way to more same-sex marriage, open transgender behaviors, including bodily adaptation/mutilation with the aspiration to change gender functions, and finally, an attempt to completely blur all lines of gender in order to equalize roles and neutralize differences.

While all these new phenomena were taking place, it’s fair to say that a great portion of the population found themselves not only out of step with the radical changes but also uncomfortable and maybe even suspicious of what, to them, appeared to be a calculated agenda in order to completely erase any distinction between the traditional roles of male and female.

As an outside observer of all of these major changes, I remember my own reaction to watching an Internet clip which was aired in my psychology class at Hebrew University where an individual defined as “non-binary” was dancing in a leotard.  I say individual, because it was impossible to identify the sex of that person since they displayed no bodily bulges of any kind.  It was then that I understood that this was a specific preference of certain people, and though it might have been hard, not to mention confusing to watch, it was a new reality in the 21st century.

Since then, I’ve had a few years to ponder this development and others, such as the new inclusion of a pregnant man emoji on smart phones.  I’m sure I’m not alone when asking the question – who thinks it’s a good idea to blur these lines and is there a particular reason this is happening now?

Again, as an outside observer, one of the things I have noticed, throughout the last 50 years, is a move away from tradition – one which included the family unit as we knew it – a female mother, a male father and their children.  Another abandonment of the “traditional” has been a trend away from organized religion and faith practices.

In fact, progressives and the far-left have tended to hold belief in G-d as outdated, provincial and the antithesis of an unencumbered and enlightened lifestyle.  To them, faith in the Almighty somehow can be viewed as impinging upon making your own personal choices devoid of guilt, rules or accepted culture.  If a new world is truly emerging, it would have to be one which breaks all boundaries and affords each individual the sovereign choice of their own destiny – free of limitations.

Hence, religion stands in its way.  And where does faith begin? With the act of creation by the Creator.  Probably the most troubling sentence, and one which remains the biggest obstacle to total gender freedom, is found in the first book of the bible – Genesis 5:2 – “He created them male and female and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created.”

It is with that backdrop that one can understand the blurring of gender lines a bit better, because it explains the disdain for a narrow-minded, limited Creator who would only consider that two genders were enough.  Somehow, G-d didn’t take into consideration that in the year 2021, there would be no fewer than 57 genders according to www.open.edu   Other Internet sites list even more.

As one observing all of this, I can only opine, as a person of deep faith, that those who are blurring gender lines are those who consider themselves greater than the Creator.  It is literally the creation rising up and saying, “We know better.”  Why?  It seems to be the age-old dilemma of the desire to not only be equal to G-d but actually above Him.

It stands to reason that if gender can be non-definable, constantly fluid and evolving, then rules, laws and consequences can also be repurposed.  Take for example, the Wi Spa incident which took place at a Los Angeles Korean women’s spa on June 24, 2021.  An allegation was brought forth that an individual identified as Aaron Simmons had entered the spa, claiming to identify as a woman.  He went on to expose himself in front of women and girls, much to the shock of the female patrons.  One particular woman’s comments went viral as she was filmed arguing with a spa employee over the gender of this person.  The worker assured her that “he” was a “she.” But the patron, who was not buying it, described the individual’s male anatomy which she, shockingly,  had been forced to see for herself.

Such an event, a few years prior would have qualified as nothing more than a “flasher” exposing himself in front of females, likely getting immediately ejected from the premises and probably arrested as well.  In today’s world, a man with male body parts need just claim that he identifies as a female, and there will be no shortage of those who are, not only willing to accommodate his sexual preference, but fight for his right over the rights of females, most of whom would feel violated, mortified and disgusted by such actions.

Welcome to 2021 where nothing is clearly defined anymore and everything can change at the drop of a hat. If, in fact, Simmons is able to legally claim status as a woman, because that is what “he feels,” then how can he ever be arrested for indecent exposure or for violating the privacy of other women whose biological bodies do not belie their own stated identity?

If men and women are interchangeable, who would insist upon separate bathrooms, separate showers, separate changing rooms, separate lockers?  But here’s the issue – most of us have not caught up to this fluid quick change artistry.  Some of us may actually be shy to disrobe in front of other women, let alone men.

Just as the well-known tale, “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” people still have eyes in their head, and while some may be too timid to admit what their common sense, logic and morality tells them is unacceptable, at least one woman was willing to loudly say what she knew to be right. I don’t know her name, but I thank her for being the heroine of this story, just as the little boy, who cried out that the emperor was undressed.

2021 is doing its best to change society at lightning speed, but for those of us who travel at a normal pace, it may take yet another 100 years before everyone is on board with pretending that males are really females. And here’s the reason that we can’t be held to a standard that is based on what others feel in the moment, because some of us still believe that the Creator got it right the first time!

The original article appeared on Sept. 28, 2021 on the Times of Israel personal blog of Cookie Schwaeber-Issan and has been granted permission for re-publication.