Who is your God?

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

As I knew it would, my last blog generated a lot of feedback, much of it expressing angst and outrage that I would dare suggest that Donald Trump isn’t the greatest man to walk the earth since Jesus Himself or that it would be anything other than an unmitigated catastrophe if Joe Biden were to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming US Presidential elections.

Brothers and sisters, please hear me.

The point of that last blog was not that it would be better or worse if one candidate or the other is elected.

The point I was trying to make in that blog (and it’s a point many other bloggers here at KNI have been trying to make recently) is that this world, of which America is a part, is dying. Your way of life is dying and it has no future, no matter who the next President is. Because ALL good things come to an end, and America was never going to be an exception to that rule, certainly not at a time when the entire rest of the world is also coming to an end.

The only Kingdom which will NEVER end is the Kingdom of the Lord God Jesus Christ, and THAT is the Kingdom we need to work for now. We must stop trying so hard to save that which is already lost and will soon disappear entirely. Remember what Jesus said to Peter in Matthew chapter 16, when He rebuked him for “not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s.”

Soon and very soon, one way or another, you and I are going to be standing before the Throne of God and giving an account for our lives, and you won’t have any of the things you’re so worried about losing if Donald Trump loses the upcoming elections or that you think you’ll get to keep if he wins. The only thing any of us will have when we stand before that Throne, is what we gave to God in this life.

In Luke 12: 35 Jesus explained this point very explicitly when He told those who would follow Him, including me and you, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Brothers and sisters, where is your treasure? What are you putting your faith and hope in? What are you investing your time, effort, money and energy in? To put it in Old Testament terms, on what alter are you laying your sacrifice?

Do you have friends, co-workers or family members who are not saved? If so, do you spend more time arguing with them about politics than you do showing them the love of Christ and sharing His Gospel with them? Have you spent more time in prayer this summer than you have arguing with strangers on social media? Have you read your Bible more than you’ve watched Fox News?

Is it more important for you to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people than it is to try to convince them to vote for Donald Trump on November 3rd?

In the answers to these questions can be found the answer to the question I asked in the title of this blog.

Who is your God?