Why Do So Many People Hate The Jews?

I will enter into judgement with them on account of how they treated My people Israel. – Joel 3:1

I have written before about the significant rise in anti-Semitism in the western nations. In spite of the fact that most of our science, medical breakthroughs, and communication technology comes from the Jewish people, Israel is the most hated nation in the world today, and violent hatred against the Jewish people is on the increase. Anti-Israel demonstrations over the last 2 or 3 years have seen chants like “Hamas, Hamas, back to the gas”- a reference to the six million plus Jewish men, women and children who were gassed to death in the Nazi Holocaust 65 – 70 years ago.

More recently a political leader declared “its time to turn up the gas”. This following quote is only a week or two old: The level of anti-Semitism in Europe today is almost at the level of pre-Holocaust Germany. Just 2 weeks ago a Belgian municipal security officer was facing dismissal after saying he would kill “each and every Jew” during a debate on Facebook. He wrote “The word Jew itself is dirty. If I were in Israel, frankly, I would do to the Jews what they do with the Palestinians, slaughter each and every one of them,” wrote the officer, who was only referred to as Mohamed N. in Belgian media.

The 2000-year history of European anti-Semitism makes no rational sense and is a serious blot on the history of the Western nations – a black blot that has not gone unnoticed by the God of Israel and the Jewish people. In Joel 3:1-3, YHVH makes it very clear that He will judge the nations on account of how He has seen them treating His covenant people – the physical descendants of Abraham. The total mess that much of the world is in today, which gets worse by the week, may well be the result of God already beginning to bring that threatened judgement.

Much of today’s anti-Israel rhetoric and anti-Semitism is fueled by Islam, however most of the shameful treatment of the Jewish people over the last 2000 years was fueled by the Church. (If you dont believe me read a book called “Our hands are stained with blood” by Dr Michael Brown). Its a sad indictment that the people who Paul charged to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy in order to bring them to their Messiah, most of the time just provoked us, and even provoked us to death at times. In a fruitless attempt to appease the Muslim world, most western leaders and the media are almost as anti-Israel as some Muslims. Some like UK’s George Galloway, Ken Livingstone and Anglican vicar Stephen Sizer and the American Tony Compolo are more anti-Israel than a lot of Muslims.

However, as we read in Ephesians 6:12, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood and neither does Israel. it is none other than the arch enemy of GOD, the fallen angel Lucifer, or Satan that is behind the nation’s abysmal attitude towards the Chosen people. He well knows that the Jewish people hold the key to the return of Yeshua and the Devil’s demise. As the Lord Himself told the Jews in Jerusalem in Matthew 23:39, that they would not see Him again until they are ready to welcome Him back with the words, Baruch HaBah B’Shem Adonai – Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord.The 4000-year family feud between the sons of Isaac and the sons of Ishmael that is now engulfing most of the world is really over the return of Yeshua to rule over His Father’ Kingdom from the rebuilt Temple in the heart of Jerusalem.

As I have written many times before, I can understand why the unbelievers are so easily deceived by Satan”the whole world lies under the influence of the evil one” (1 John 5:19), but what astounds me is that the majority of people who consider themselves to be Christians and servants of the God of Israel, either don’t give a thought to Israel and the Jewish people, or they are actively against Israel. These very deceived people need to know that to be against Israel is to be against the God of Israel. The people who simply don’t care about the Jews need to heed the words of Yeshua: “you are either with us or against us.” (Luke 11:23)In the spiritual realm there is no neutral – there is only the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness.

Lets pray that the world and the Church wakes up and repents of they way they have treated the Jewish people and that the whole Church wakes us to the Biblical command to help the Jewish people get home (Isaiah 49:22) and then make it a priority (Romans 1:16) to  provoke them to jealousy (Romans 11:11) by preaching a Gospel that they can relate to (Romans 10:13-15).