Why should Israel appoint an Ambassador to the Christians?

Joel Rosenberg at the Summit (Photo: Kehila News Staff)

(Jerusalem, Israel) — On Monday, I was honored to address more than 150 Christian journalists, broadcasters, authors and media executives from more than 30 countries who have come to Jerusalem for the Israeli government’s 3rd annual Christian Media Summit.

I briefed the group on two topics:

1. My recent column in The Jerusalem Post calling for the next Israeli government to appoint an Ambassador the Christian community. After making it clear that I’m not interested in the position for myself — just trying to build broad-based support throughout the Israeli political spectrum for the concept — I laid out why we need such a position and how I see some of the key qualifications for the role.


2. How doors are opening for Evangelical leaders — including some from Israel — to build relationships with senior Sunni Arab leaders in the region. I briefly described the Delegations that I’ve led to the Arab world over the past two years and why I’m cautiously optimistic that the prospect for peace between Israel and several of the Gulf States is actually increasing, despite all the naysayers.

To watch the briefing (which runs about 17 minutes), please click here. 

This originally appeared on Joel C. Rosenberg’s blog and reposted with permission