Why This Non-Jewish Girl Moved to Israel

I get this question a lot from Israelis: “Why did you move here (Israel)?”. My heart usually begins to thud a little louder, and in my mind I am like… “why did I move here??” I guess I don’t really have a straight answer exactly. All I do know… is that I love this place! In 2006 I volunteered at a guesthouse called Beit Immanuel in Jaffa. When the plans were in motion for me to go, I thought that I was going to be homesick for my dearly loved home, family and friends. Little did I know that this place would capture my heart, and once I returned back to Canada, I became homesick for this rubbly, stubbly, beautiful little place. It is a rough and sometimes harsh place to live, especially compared to peaceful Canada. But it is also amazing at the same time! I love the palm trees, the ancient and modern history, the food, and so much more! This place holds a lot of meaning and significance, which is no wonder this place is still in conflict to this day.

In 2009, I moved to Israel to study for my BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the IDC in Herzliya in an international program. What an amazing experience! Learnt so much. And so, my plan was to gain a degree, but I gained so much more! As you probably know, there was a boy involved! Tall, dark and handsome! He was very manly and charming, and I was soon madly in love with him! So we started dating after being friends (that liked each other) for a long time. We met while I had volunteered back in 2006, and after I finished my first semester at the IDC we started dating, and of course the rest is history – marriage, babies, after finishing our degrees moving up north to the Galilee, etc…

And this non-Jewish girl is happy here. It doesn’t make much sense, but it works for me. Yes there are challenges and sometimes I feel that I will never fit in completely, and the language has been a struggle for me, but all the same I feel at home here.